Friday, April 27, 2012

Gardening and Grannys

My pal Amy at "During Quiet Time" has been having more fun with her garden series of paper pieced patterns.  
Don't you  just love this pot and spade combo.  I did a little extra by using some leftover HSTs on the pot.  Sewed the label from a couple of scraps of sewing themed fabric. The label says "Block of the Month, Quilt as desired"!  I will!:) BTW...this pattern is FREE on Amy's blog!!
The fifth in Amy's series is this gorgeous greenhouse.  Don't you just love the lace on the top...I would love to have a greenhouse like this....we have stacks of odd windows in our basement...maybe one day!:)  Go visit Amy's blog and see her amazing version of this Victorian Greenhouse, tell her I sent you!
Round 12 at the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along is Granny Squares.  I used some 4" 1895 batiks I already had cut out so it made the blocks 15".  Used the leftovers in the center.  Now I need to quilt it but I'm having a problem thinking how I want to do it...any suggestions?

At work I've been leading our Mystery Block of the Month quilt, these are the blocks for May...have I shown you the other four blocks I've made for this quilt?  I can't remember!

ps...this took me forever to post....learning the new blogger...but I kinda like it.
Now I need to figure out Google Chrome!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I skipped the gym this morning....for DISCOVERY!!

Not once, not twice, not three times but FOUR times we were able to see Discovery on her piggyback ride with her fighter jet escort!!

Spur of the moment...
"Honey...don't you want to take a ride to see the shuttle?"

"Aren't you going to the gym?"

"Not if we go see the shuttle!":)

So we did...FOUR times!

(Taken through back side tinted window!)

The first time we are in traffic trying to find a place to park....there it goes behind us doing it's first flyover Dulles Airport!! Freaking Awesome!!

We listened to the radio for frequent updates and knew when it finished flying over Washington, DC several times and was heading back...

Second time better view! Picture isn't so good because I'm trying to live in the moment...and take a picture!:)

We should have realized there was going to be another flyover since the landing gear wasn't down....many minutes later...seemed like forever...! Third time it was really hard to take pictures ...

...I just couldn't get over we were seeing this...

....unfreaking believable! End of we thought! Decided to avoid all the traffic and take the scenic way home...not realizing we'd be able to see the west side of the airport and runway...

...yep....the forth time...there she is resting comfortably....soaking in her last successful voyage.

(The end of a perfect morning...a berry smootie!)

Welcome home Discovery....we'll come visit real soon!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Blog Post from H@@L

I have been at this for FOUR hours! Photos, commentary, links...on dial up! All of it disappeared, Phoof! Just won't here is the abbreviated version of ...


Gooey birthday cookie for hubby.

Visit at the parents place...
Gooey birthday coconut cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies for the boy.

The boy and his girl counting their egg hunt loot! Thanks grandparents!!

Quickie tripod made by dad. Post-it note shade + pine bark mulch prop=family photo. I need a copy...

...but I got this!:)

The girl spent her birthday at Faerie Glen on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. So jealous!

Sewing completed...

Bitty Block Bee 3.5" blocks for Marilyn...her theme was Bees!

Hoop Up! swap piece for Leila...her town...little did I know she can see this from her window!

Embroidery just for fun photographed at work in a drawer full of cottons...I want that drawer!!!

More scrap busting and a new phone. Had the old one for 8 years, hope it doesn't take that long to learn how to use this one!

Secret project finished!;)

Some lovelies piece by Jo, bottom by Sooz....I heart you both ladies!:)

Next project staring at me....

...and this one. Wonder which one will be first?


ps...sorry no links....I need a nap!