Sunday, April 26, 2015

She did It and 4th finish!

 Bright and early on a beautiful morning in Baltimore we helped set up at the Reading Partners tent.
 Everyone noshed on bagels while putting on their numbers for the race.  
Added bonus was the signs on the runners backs stating who they were running that extra boost in their stride!
 The team was excited as they should be for this is how they work too....excited to be helping the youth of Baltimore succeed!  They liked the new flag too!:)
 Tables and tables of food is how Baltimore feeds their for over 3400!
This is the only runner we cared about....she did it...besting her time.  
Her first 10K.
May there be many more!!
Now the flag hangs in the Reading Partners office!!:)
(30" x 37")
 Oh...I finished something too.
Had fun with the hand stitching...just went for it. 
 I don't know what to do with it as I'm not a red, white and black person!!  
Any ideas?


Monday, April 13, 2015

Running for Reading Partners!

The girl is an Americorps member working for Reading 
She is so passionate about her job of finding volunteers to work in the schools of Baltimore, passionate they even talked her into running a 10K for a Reading Partners team
She doesn't like to run!!
Well of course I had to find some fabric and make something else for them having already supplied their office with table toppers and coasters of blue and orange...Reading Partners colors.
 Here is their logo. So cute and to the point!
 First pile of blue and orange fabric and felt turned into....
A bunting.  
Yes, took this picture last month.
 Second pile of fabric and fusible became...
 (Third finish for 2nd quarter..yes I have been sewing like crazy!)
A flag!
It's two sided. 42"x 43"
Now I need to get a you have anything in your stash?:)
Run girl Run!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Bright Finish!!

One thing you can always say about Kaffe fabrics....they are bright!
(Gotta do something about the edges around the veggie garden)
There was a 1/2 yard piece of awesome fish in my stash and bits and bobs of a few others.
Cut into differents size strips boldly framing the fish made a great top.
 I even  had a few yards of something for the backing.  Added a little strip of Grunge to make it just big enough.  My pal Pat practiced with her new long arm. I really like what she did!:)
Some bright perle cotton hand stitching follows the wonky edges of the border.
 Fish too.
 Now if only I had a wall to hang it on.  For now it's helping keep the chill out of the house!
Second finish of the second quarter!  Of course all I had to do was the hand quilting and binding!
Now the edges look better...thank heavens for peonies and lamb's ear!!

Folk Art and Post Cards...finish 2:1

First finish~Second Quarter 2015 Finish Along!
Two different themes happen every couple months at The Bitty Block Committee.  Last one I signed up for was Folk Art and Postcards.  Next we were challenged to make something with out bitties.  This has never been hard for me as I have made something with every one of the swaps I have participated in....they call me The Finisher!:)
What to make, what to make?  Don't need another mini, bunting nor tote bag...hmmm?
Got it!  Let's combine them both and make a ....

....pocket wall hanging!

Top part is a little Folk Art mini.  They all went together like a perfect puzzle and look how everything is facing together or away. Have to admit that was all an accident!
 Bottom part is center pockets with smaller ones on each side...see the pen in the upper right?
Bonus~great place to display buttons and pins. Only a few are on there right now.
Done and bitties left...until I looked up at the bulletin board and found this...
But I have an idea!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Behaving Baaaaaaaadly!

Forgot to tell you about this little project that has been finished since last September.
 First some mini quilts...including a Dance Floor!
Then a background.
Some furry felt legs. 
 Body parts made using Texture Magic.
(20"x 24")
 Lead to Sheep Behaving Baaaaaadly....
 ....or as I called my mini....
 ...."A Quilting Sandwich....
 .....Baaaaaaaatting Good"!!!:)
 Guess what?  This little guy is on special exhibit with eleven other mini quilts behaving badly and I didn't even know it was traveling yet!  
 It just left Savannah, GA where it was at Quiltfest Destination Savannah and now those baaaad sheep are making their way across the country too Colorado where they will be displayed...

So now this wee quilt and LT's Platoon are traveling more than I am!
If you see them let me know!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Second Quarter 2015 Finish Along Prods!

Finished at the last favorite finish of the new year...the Gherkin in the upper center.  My boss said it is very industrial/steam punk. Love that description!
 Now it's time to post my accountability list for the second quarter!
All are welcomed to join in the 2015 Finish Along.  Yes there are prizes but just getting stuff finished is reward alone!  There were 549 finishes posted for the first quarter...that's fantastic!!
Here's my new list...putting it out there really prods me along!
 Modern Chain is done...quilting/binding needs to happen.
 Binding, binding, binding!
Bitty blocks from a swap need putting together...somehow!
 This has been waiting to be finished four long years!
 A runner for a football player and his wife.  I'll tell you more later!
This is the most pressing needs to be done by April 18th
Wish me luck!!