Monday, February 29, 2016

Mini Mania Challenge # 12....February Craziness

Those ladies over at the Mini Mania Challenge on Flickr put their crazy hat on for this month!
A three inch foundation pieced pineapple block from a free template by Little Mushroom Cap!
Do you know how many pieces are in that one three inch block?
We were instructed to make as many as we wanted as long as the mini was no more than 24".... one was enough for me!!!:) It's only 12" so challenge complete!!
When my eye-sight cleared a side swap at the Mini QT happened.  A zippy pouch for Sabrina....she has two white bunnies!:)
We both like the same thing....
(What Sabrina sent me!!:) we ended up using the same color!!
Over at the PIPs round robin an addition was needed for Susan from OZ. Top left was Susan's starting block.  Underneath that was the sweet potted plant by Jan from the UK.  Then keeping the theme Ethne from the UK added the half pot in the center.  Onward to Scotland where Lynz added the four wee succulents.  Of course the theme had to continue so I added the "window mullion" and the other half of the pot and a wonky cactus.  Didn't mean for it to be wonky....stuff happens!;)
More happenings....finished pack #2 in the Glorious Hexagon Sew-Along. Phew!
Weather keeps happening too.  We still have snow on the ground from the big blizzard last month! Yesterday we had a huge inch of rain in half an hour....and a rainbow!:)