Thursday, May 24, 2012

When the weather is nice....

 ....the sewing machine is neglected!:)
Then this really fun collection of fabric calls my name...."What a World"...
...and I have to respond.  First time doing grommets. Now I'm not scared of them!
 The yard is still calling to me, especially after all the lovely rain.
Two different clematis vying for attention...the boy gave me the lavender one!:)
Lovely vinyl covered primary colored tomato cages...hopefully soon supporting the cherry tomato plants under them...yes...they are there!:)
Next month's project....this.... really small...a tattoo?:)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WoooHOoo! Alternative Press Announced....

...the boys' next LP "Blizzard of '96" !!!!:)

Check out that cover! The new LP comes out June 26 from Animal Style Records. That's the girl and the boy when they were eight and six in photos from the blizzard of 1996 and you can see hubby there shoveling the driveway!  This will be my mini claim to photos on an actual album cover!:)
To top it all is on a Hold Tight! tee shirt! They are going on a Summer Tour across the US in July....go check out their schedule and if so a tee!:)

Congrats boys!!
xo mama g