Friday, July 31, 2015

June Mania....112 tiny pieces!

 One hundred and twelve one inch paper pieces.
Of course I had to be different....I put the color where the neutral fabrics were to go.
It's supposed to be a rainbow Ferris wheel mini.
 The reason is I had 23 one inch hexies leftover from another WIP so it was pure laziness!
 That meant only 83 pieces to!!!
  It was supposed to be trimmed up cutting those bits off the hexies.
Couldn't do I appliqued it onto a 13" x 14" scrap.
I really love the puckering after washing...the green rings stand proud!
This really was a fun challenge. Thanks Leslie!!
Oh...and it's a 3rd Quarter Finish!:)
 Messed around with some other scraps showing how modern and traditional fabrics look great together.
Now they hang as little samples at the shop
Love the big hexie....hmmmmm! Do you see the little thought bubble?:)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bored....wanna baste some hexagons?

 Picture an awesome view of the ocean right outside your breezes blowing your hair...sand between your toes and seashells starting their march up the deck stairs...
What? You are bored?!!

Actually Pops wasn't bored last September when we spent a week in Duck, North Carolina but he didn't bring a project. No problem...I did!!
 Everything you need to baste hexagons.  Interested?
 Sure...I'll give it a go.
Eighty-three years young and grinning all the way! So cute!
(Squares on the right were finished too.)
A couple days later he had them all done.  Me...only two partial flowers!
Pops asks...any more?
Why yes!
For his October birthday the postal service delivered his own quilted tray.
 My Thanksgiving present...two full bags! Guess I really need to get to stitching!
 And stitching...
 ...and stitching!
Five more to go.................
....then I have to start stitching them together!
English paper's sort of like watching succulents grow....slow and steady but I love it!:)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tried something new for 1st finish of 3rd quarter!

First thing I did was take it for a photo shoot on my pal's yellow glider...
 ...sure wish it was on my front porch!:)
 Gotta show you how green the garden is now...beans, potatoes and squash are happy with all the rain...tomatoes and peppers want it to be hotter. I don't!
 The new product is that thin green stripe on the border. 

It comes on a 25 yard roll.  Sew it on and when you wash it you have chenille! The little piece of cardboard was my spacer.
It's called Chenille-It Blooming Bias by my online pal Nannette.  So many ways to use it and what little kid wouldn't like a bit of fluff on their quilt along with a flannel backing?!:)
 Love running my fingers over it. Some pink needs to come home with me for the other baby quilt! Guess I should have unfolded it sooner to get out the wrinkles!
My buddy Sandie sent me home with another embroidery goodie....she spoils me so!:)
Thanks pal!! xoxo

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Onward to the 3rd Quarter Finish Along!

Finishes make me so happy! 
But there are always more! Time for 3rd quarter hopefuls.
 Some beautiful batiks and a little seaglass print.
 Mom....can you make these dresses a little longer? Ugh! about a baby boy quilt? Ok....I'll try a new product!:)
Yep...more English paper piecing.
Mom...a baby girl quilt for a soon to be new Canadian?  She has too many friends...and I don't know how to say NO!
 A tablerunner using just two fabrics. What...just two?!
 Charm squares are all sewn together and quilted.  Binding awaits.
 Looks familiar?  Yep...this is a piece I took off from the runner above.  I'm keeping this one!
Granny square top I made over three years ago.  Yes...I'm hanging my head in shame!

There are a whole lot more things I need to get done but I don't want to push it!
 We had a fabulous and soggy 4th of July.  The food was great.
 The wineberries are sweet.
 Fireworks were awesome.
But my camera is lousy!
These two were a blast!

Now I need to get moving on that list!
You can join up's never too late!