Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks....Reading Partners!

This girl is finally home for a Thanksgiving...first time in four years....yep we are thankful to have the whole family together and the fact she found a job she is loving.
This girl found a service opportunity through AmeriCorps at Reading Partners
Reading Partners works with more than 160 schools in low-income communities    across eight states and the District of Columbia
They recruit and train community volunteers to work one-on-one with students for 45 minutes twice a week, following a structured, research-based curriculum.
The girl's job is to find those volunteers!
(Here she is at City Hall in Baltimore, MD.  Who could say no?:)
She just told us about this amazing program at Amazon called AmazonSmile.  When you sign in at and buy something 5% of your purchase price goes to your charity of choice...and Reading Partners is on the list of charities!:)
There are thousands of charities on their list so even if you don't choose Reading Partners pick something near and dear to your's a no brainer!  You just have to remember to sign in at each time and use your existing account. Wish I knew about this years ago!
As you can see Reading Partners logo is orange and blue so of course I had to get out some fabrics and play....mug rugs and runners to bring some color to their office!
Now it's time for me to go eat some pie...pumpkin, apple, chocolate chess....I can't decide so I think I'll have a piece of all three!
Happy Turkey Day....I'm thankful for all of you!!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Forgot to ask you to vote and some hubby bragging!:)

Quickie post.  Nothing like entering the Blogger's Quilt Fest and not asking you to vote!!:) 
So...if you have some time go here and see the other quilts entered in the Arts category and vote for your favorite.  Doesn't have to be mine and don't feel guilty if you like something better!
 If you have even more time go see the quilts in the other ccategories...there is some amazing stuff.  You get three votes per category so it's really fun! 
You might even see some other blogs you would like to follow...I did!:)

Since I have you here I thought I'd do a little bragging about my talented hubby.  Last month on our 29th anniversary we went to an Open House where he has bascially lived for the past two month totally renovating their kitchen.
 Isn't it amazing?!!
 He did everything except the floors and the countertops.  Yes...he did all the tile work!!!  
Yep...I'm proud of him!
 They even had a cookie made especially for us!  They are going to miss him!!:)
 Finished ALL 48 blocks for my pickle dish quilt.  Didn't turn out quite how I wanted as my points don't meet.  This means hand quilting so I doubt I'll get it finished by the end of the year!
Yep...November and we still have peppers...and a new project in a pretty blue bowl!:)

Now go have til tomorrow. Sorry!;)