Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Walked....In the Worldwide Photowalk....

...and now I need your help! This weekend was Scott Kelby's 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. On July 24th over 33,400 people walked in 1,111 cities around the world taking photos of their cities and getting to know them in ways they hadn't before. Now everyone is editing and posting their photos to their city's flickr site and they have to chose ONE photo to post to the Worldwide site....that's where I need your help. I don't know which one to post so if you have some time could you go to my flickr set, look at the photos I took and leave me a comment letting me know which one you like best?! I'm sort of leaning towards a couple of them so I just need a little nudge....and I need you to pick by July 31st!:)
Photo courtesy of Anthony Amoringello
There were about 40 of us doing the Leesburg Walk. One of our fellow photographers took a group shot...I'm up at the left in the pink shirt...I have the smallest camera there...a Canon Elph!:) He's the one in the center with the black shirt and hat...thanks for posting the group photo Mr. Amoringello!!
My sister, foobella, did the walk in Yorktown, VA. You can check her photos out here! Maybe next year we can do a little mini trip to a different town!;)
After my morning walk through old town Leesburg I went to The Doener Bistro to hang out with Maria and wait for my pal Dena....we were partners in this latest STUD swap. Dena got to pick this month's theme and she picked Landscapes...good idea!! So I did a mini from something I see all around me all the time, the Short Hill Mountains and hay bales!:)
Dena made me this fabulous Sunset mini inspired by her nightly walks and of course she put a wee owl up in the tree. She also gave me some lovely cards and fabric! Love it kiddo!!
I had so much fun making this mini and I had some leftover fabric so I made a smaller version....it's in the mail today....winging it way to...........it's a secret!:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

UK...are you Ready?

I really loved Maria's hair before....
...but I'm really liking it now....think she's ready for the UK?;)
Go get em' sweetheart! xoxo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oooh Say Can You See.....Baltimore?

Went to Baltimore yesterday, Don had to put a window in for his sister. After some yummy homemade salsa we piled into Lu's car with nephew Nate and headed to the Inner Harbor to see Lu's office. She is an architect for Ayer Saint Gross and their office is at Tide Point.
Tide Point used to be a Proctor & Gamble soap factory...

....here is an old map that shows it there in the middle at the top of the bump just to the left of the three circles....that's Fort McHenry there on the lower right...our National Anthem was penned in the waters off the Fort.
All the buildings at Tide Point are named after P&G products. Her office is the building to the left called "Joy" and the one on the right is "Cascade". It is being renovated...Under Armour is headquartered there and across the road.
There's a huge Domino Sugars factory right next door...cars get very sticky!

Here is a picture of what the building looked like before becoming offices...this held the train tracks....
...and here is a bit of what it looks like now!
Luanne has a great office...
...and some huge windows....
....and an amazing view of the Inner Harbor....
....I really don't know how they get any work done!
Just outside of the buildings is a waterfront promenade....Michael Phelps is supposed to live across the harbor in one of those buff colored buildings just at the bow of that boat. What an amazing place....Baltimore is a great city to live in and visit.
Baltimore is especially nice when your sister-in-law is cleaning out her closets!! And some of that is Liberty of London fabrics!:)
Not only did we have a fun day in Baltimore....I did some sewing last night. Started on my Asterisk quilt for Round 7 of ORBC Quilt-Along. Decided to use some coal Kona and batiks because....
...while in Baltimore we also went to IKEA and I was inspired....Houses on dark grey....$3.99 per yard....56" wide... for the backing...doesn't get any better than that!
Luanne and Nate...thanks for a great day....what's next?:) xoxo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hold Tight!!!!

(I have the t-shirt....so should you!)
If you live in Philadelphia, Asbury Park, Brooklyn or Trenton you are about to be invaded!!:)

(James-bass, Alex-drums Jake-guitar...missing in photo...Eric-guitar)
Our son James and his band Hold Tight! are coming and they are pop punk fun!:)
Here is the where and the when of it all:
July 15 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
July 16 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes
July 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston
July 18 - Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Saloon

(Alex, Jake and James)
If you want to have a listen you can go to their Facebook page and go to the "My Band" tab. Their blog has all the lyrics.
So if you are ready to have some fun...or your kids are...go see them and say James' mom sent me!:)
Can't blame me for being proud!:)
Adding the next tour...a wee bit bigger...there are several days there with TBA...if you know of some place they can play let them know!:)
July 30 Pittsburgh, PA @ 222 Ormsby (222 Ormsby Avenue) w/ Playoff Beard. 7pm, $5, all ages.
July 31 Columbus, OH @ Legion Of Doom (1579 Indianola Avenue). 8pm, $5, all ages.
August 1 Cleveland, OH @ The Soggy Dog (14613 Clifton Avenue) w/ TBA. More info TBA.
August 2 Detroit, MI @ TBA
August 3 Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s (2101 California Avenue) w/ TBA. More info TBA.
August 4 Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero (e-mail us for address) w/ Frustrations, Dr. Scientist, Zygoteens. 7pm, $5, all ages.
August 5 Minneapolis, MN @ Sauce w/ Turkletons. 9:30pm, $5, 21+.
August 6 Omaha, NE @ The Manor (1710 South 29th Street) w/ Hoof Hearted, Thunderbolts, Speak Easy. 8pm, $5, all ages.
August 7 Kansas City, MO @ Club Moustache w/ Be My Doppleganger, Local Demise. 7pm, $5, all ages.
August 8 St. Louis, MO @ Lemmons (5800 Gravios Road) w/ The Wifflers, Lipstick Homicide, Squidblade. 7pm, free/donations, all ages.
August 9 Nashville, TN @ TBA
August 10 Birmingham, AL @ TBA
August 11 Atlanta, GA @ TBA
August 12 Asheville, NC @ TBA

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hi, I'm Rosalie the Roo...

Right now I live in Virginia...but I am soon going to a new...secret....home. I came about because of the Quiltie Pals and their Friends group on flickr...go check it out!:)
First thing I did was get to know Dolores and her family.... I visited her at Webfabrics.
The next day I decided to visit the Weight Watchers Center in Frederick, Md....I'm feeling a bit hippy and I love their mini bars! When I got home there was a package for Dolores....
Oh my gosh....meet George!! He came all the way from the west coast...Washington...Karen (aka Fun & Comfort Quilts) is his mom...she made him for Dolores. I'm so happy he got here in time to have a few adventures with me before I go to "?"!
First I had to take him to Webfabrics...he really loved the Salad Bar of Fat Quarters!:)
When we got back home we checked the garden...man those tomato plants are full of flowers and Slate the garden cat was on the job...but I don't think he really pays attention because there are areas around the fence that the bunnies are getting in...they ate the tops of a lot of sunflowers!
Later that evening we went to see Maria at work, going there we went through the Village of Waterford, it's a National Historic Landmark and a great place to visit, especially the first weekend in Oct when they have the Waterford Fair.
Then we went to the Virginia Store to get a few things like a Virginia patch for Maria's backpack. George wanted the hat but they were all too big.
We took George to see Maria at The Doener Bistro. They do the cooking in what used to be The Mighty Midget Kitchen...it's made out of a plane fuselage of a WWII Bomber! He really liked the brat and pommes!:)
The next day we went to one of Dolores' favorite places....drove across the Potomac into Maryland then back over the Potomac on a different bridge back into VA, then a mile up the road we were in West Virginia and Harper's Ferry. That's it in the middle of the picture.
We had a nice ride.
The Shenandoah River was clear and calm but we didn't get our feet wet.
Took a hike up to Jefferson's Rock...that's it there on the right and you can just see the bridge there above the church steeple.
It was the perfect day for the tubers and kayakers....here is where you can see three states, MD, VA and WV. Dolores said sorry for all the repeat photos since she knows she's blogged about Harper's Ferry before but it is such a great place to visit over and over again.
On the way home we stopped at Stonybrook farmer's market in Hillsboro and bought some veggies for dinner. George and I had a really great time together. I am really going to miss him....
....but at least I'm not going to my new home alone!:)
~Rosalie the Roo

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There was just SO much....so I picked TWO more WINNERs!:)

I was sorting through my lovely stack of fabric for my five winners and I planned to stuff a gallon ziplock for each person....with all the lovely bits I had some leftover....so I picked two more winners!
16 howtobejenna said...
Just found your blog through flickr, and LOOK! Here you are being the biggest sweetie giving away some awesome fabrics. I'll try my luck! Thanks!
Jun 28, 2010 10:32:00 AM

43 Em said...
Hello I'm new to your lovely blog, but I'd love to join in the give away please.Em xxx
Jun 30, 2010 2:33:00 AM

Jenna and Em...these are your bags of fun....just without the bits!:) I figured you wouldn't mind! So if you could send me your addresses I'll get them in the mail soonest... I need to hear from you by Friday, 8am est, July 9th please or I'll pick another winner. Congrats all!!
Last but definitely not least...meet Rosalie the Roo. I made her for a secret partner for the Quiltie Pals group on flickr and Rosalie is having adventures before I mail her off. She went to work with me yesterday...wonder what she'll be up to next? And what is that peeking from behind her?;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

What a Weekend....and the WINNERs!:)

After lots of great food....
....great music from my brother, his bandmates and a friend....
....hanging with Family and the folk's neighbors.....
....a beautiful sunset at Gloucester Point...
...and fantastic fireworks over the York River overlooking historic Yorktown, VA...
...what you really have been waiting for...the winners of the fabric giveaway! Don pulled numbers out of a coffee can....Congrats to.....

2 Jodi said...
So nice of you to share, with strangers, no less! And I, for one, am certainly interested in the tiny bits, too!
Jun 27, 2010 11:08:00 AM
18 Marcia said...
You are so nice to share these bitty bits and larger. I would happily use any of these wonderfully unique fabrics. Thank you.
Jun 28, 2010 6:59:00 PM
49 Linda said...
It all looks great. And the mystery of the scraps hidden in the bag too! Please count me in.
Jun 30, 2010 11:07:00 PM
52 Melissa said...
Oh those fabrics are gorgeous! And who couldn't use scraps? I sure can! Thanks so much for you generosity!
Jul 1, 2010 6:39:00 PM
61 Jo said...
Oh Deeroo, you know how much I love fabric scraps and do use them. I would love to enter and thanks for sharing, these would be great for anyone to own
Jul 3, 2010 1:42:00 PM
I will be emailing everyone for their address and hopefully popping these packages in the mail this week. Linda...I need your contact info, if I don't hear from you by Friday, 8am est, July 9th I'll pick another winner.
Thank you to all that left comments...I really enjoyed them.
ps....Maria, thanks for the use of your photos!:)
pss....Marg...I thought of you when Don pulled #2!;)