Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hold Tight!!!!

(I have the should you!)
If you live in Philadelphia, Asbury Park, Brooklyn or Trenton you are about to be invaded!!:)

(James-bass, Alex-drums Jake-guitar...missing in photo...Eric-guitar)
Our son James and his band Hold Tight! are coming and they are pop punk fun!:)
Here is the where and the when of it all:
July 15 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
July 16 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes
July 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston
July 18 - Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Saloon

(Alex, Jake and James)
If you want to have a listen you can go to their Facebook page and go to the "My Band" tab. Their blog has all the lyrics.
So if you are ready to have some fun...or your kids are...go see them and say James' mom sent me!:)
Can't blame me for being proud!:)
Adding the next tour...a wee bit bigger...there are several days there with TBA...if you know of some place they can play let them know!:)
July 30 Pittsburgh, PA @ 222 Ormsby (222 Ormsby Avenue) w/ Playoff Beard. 7pm, $5, all ages.
July 31 Columbus, OH @ Legion Of Doom (1579 Indianola Avenue). 8pm, $5, all ages.
August 1 Cleveland, OH @ The Soggy Dog (14613 Clifton Avenue) w/ TBA. More info TBA.
August 2 Detroit, MI @ TBA
August 3 Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s (2101 California Avenue) w/ TBA. More info TBA.
August 4 Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero (e-mail us for address) w/ Frustrations, Dr. Scientist, Zygoteens. 7pm, $5, all ages.
August 5 Minneapolis, MN @ Sauce w/ Turkletons. 9:30pm, $5, 21+.
August 6 Omaha, NE @ The Manor (1710 South 29th Street) w/ Hoof Hearted, Thunderbolts, Speak Easy. 8pm, $5, all ages.
August 7 Kansas City, MO @ Club Moustache w/ Be My Doppleganger, Local Demise. 7pm, $5, all ages.
August 8 St. Louis, MO @ Lemmons (5800 Gravios Road) w/ The Wifflers, Lipstick Homicide, Squidblade. 7pm, free/donations, all ages.
August 9 Nashville, TN @ TBA
August 10 Birmingham, AL @ TBA
August 11 Atlanta, GA @ TBA
August 12 Asheville, NC @ TBA


  1. Oh what a shame they're not going as far as Illinois, my daughter is there visiting family for a month.
    But good luck to them ,I like to see proper bands with real talent not the mass produced rubbish we're constantly fed do well.
    Em xxx

  2. Go for it James !! Hope they have a smashing time!! yay, yay, whoo hooo.....

  3. EEEEEMMMMM...I updated and added the next leg of their tour....maybe she can make it to one of those dates!!:)

  4. Wow, your son looks very cool! And what a good mum you are promoting their tour! I hope it goes well for them.

  5. Holy cow Dee!!! You must be so proud!
    My daughters' boyfriends have a band, but they are in the recording studio at this point. Don't know if they are planning any "away gigs" type of thing like this... Can't be a bad idea, though.
    Good luck with it!!! (For all of you!)