Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hi, I'm Rosalie the Roo...

Right now I live in Virginia...but I am soon going to a new...secret....home. I came about because of the Quiltie Pals and their Friends group on flickr...go check it out!:)
First thing I did was get to know Dolores and her family.... I visited her at Webfabrics.
The next day I decided to visit the Weight Watchers Center in Frederick, Md....I'm feeling a bit hippy and I love their mini bars! When I got home there was a package for Dolores....
Oh my George!! He came all the way from the west coast...Washington...Karen (aka Fun & Comfort Quilts) is his mom...she made him for Dolores. I'm so happy he got here in time to have a few adventures with me before I go to "?"!
First I had to take him to Webfabrics...he really loved the Salad Bar of Fat Quarters!:)
When we got back home we checked the those tomato plants are full of flowers and Slate the garden cat was on the job...but I don't think he really pays attention because there are areas around the fence that the bunnies are getting in...they ate the tops of a lot of sunflowers!
Later that evening we went to see Maria at work, going there we went through the Village of Waterford, it's a National Historic Landmark and a great place to visit, especially the first weekend in Oct when they have the Waterford Fair.
Then we went to the Virginia Store to get a few things like a Virginia patch for Maria's backpack. George wanted the hat but they were all too big.
We took George to see Maria at The Doener Bistro. They do the cooking in what used to be The Mighty Midget's made out of a plane fuselage of a WWII Bomber! He really liked the brat and pommes!:)
The next day we went to one of Dolores' favorite places....drove across the Potomac into Maryland then back over the Potomac on a different bridge back into VA, then a mile up the road we were in West Virginia and Harper's Ferry. That's it in the middle of the picture.
We had a nice ride.
The Shenandoah River was clear and calm but we didn't get our feet wet.
Took a hike up to Jefferson's Rock...that's it there on the right and you can just see the bridge there above the church steeple.
It was the perfect day for the tubers and is where you can see three states, MD, VA and WV. Dolores said sorry for all the repeat photos since she knows she's blogged about Harper's Ferry before but it is such a great place to visit over and over again.
On the way home we stopped at Stonybrook farmer's market in Hillsboro and bought some veggies for dinner. George and I had a really great time together. I am really going to miss him....
....but at least I'm not going to my new home alone!:)
~Rosalie the Roo


  1. ohmygosh, fun is this! Funny, too! I only wish I had the time to join you all. I'll be watching!

  2. Thanks so much Rosalie, I loved your tour of Dee's area! What a beautiful place to live! George looks like a cool pal too! That was so much fun - I hope you like your new home, Rosalie, I love your babies too!

  3. You are killin' me, Dee! Here I am stuck in my no traveling phase and you show me all these wonderful picture of places that are less than 4 hours from me ;( I am soooooo going to visit all of your suggestions. I may even surprise you by popping into Webfabrics with Little E.

  4. Gosh this is such fun... and you went all out too!! That Roo and Monkey have travelled wide and far allready! Delightful!

  5. Thanks for the tour Rosalie! I love seeing new places.

  6. I loved your tour with your friend, lets hope he gets to travel in his new home.

  7. Never worry about posting pics of Harper's Ferry - it is lovely! Thanks for the tour, now I'm whistling Country Roads (take me home...).