Friday, April 30, 2010

Sewing and Wanderings

I finished my first Mini QT Swap 3.5"....this is the swap where you sign up for either a mini quilt (6"-12") or mini blocks, in this case 3.5" and you make one for everyone that signed up plus yourself. It is such fun getting these envelopes with wee little pieces of art in them and amazing that with just a theme, these were from March and the theme was Spring, they all go together perfectly! I wrote on the back of the quilt behind each square who made them and where they live so I will always remember. Click on this link and you can see the photo and who made each block....THANKS Ladies!!xoxo
But before I put together the mini I went for a wandering with Dena to The Old Lucketts Store (on the left) and the Beekeeper's much to little money to buy!;)
That little building on the right has a SOLD sign above it because that's where they put stuff that has sold but people weren't able to take it home right away....I want everything that is in it!!
Here's Miss Dena peeking under some white washed lovelies.
And here we are in the reflection admiring the old hats...and the room next to that has vintage clothing....OH MY!!!
Outside there are these little sheds, each filled with old goodness...boy I would love to get one of these....even though I don't think they are all old!;)
But I couldn't resist this tablecloth...they are my weakness....just look at those colors....Grey....I heart this very much!!

But I don't know what was the most fun....roaming around with Dena or when we ate lunch outside in the sunshine and I got to use my new lunchbag!! My Pal Sandie bought this for me for my birthday...which isn't until the end of next month but she just couldn't wait...and I'm glad!! I even packed an applesauce so I could use the fork/spoon combo!! Isn't it awesome?!! You Ladies are the best!
Now I'm off to work.....with my new lunchbag!;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Wind Blowin' Easterly" Could be Blowing Your Way!:)

My online pal Quiltdad is celebrating his Two year Blogiversary with a mega giveaway. Loads of his fans have donated prizes and yes, you guessed it...."Wind Blowin' Easterly" is one of them! So head on over to John's blog and tell him Happy, Happy and that I sent you!;)
In the mean time I am working on lots of minis, runners, toppers and a Four square quilt where the finished squares are 25 1/2"and the tomato plants keep growing!;)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pinwheeling Fun and Family

Round 5 at the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along was load of Pinwheel fun.
Used some fabric my mom gave me for Christmas...and some Kona solid...oatmeal I think.

The pieces in the back were a garden themed panel I received in a giveaway from the lovely Marguerite in Ramsgate, cool is that?:)
Thanks Pal! xoxo
Our lilacs are blooming and the smell is amazing. We aren't the only ones that like them! Tiger Swallowtail.

Last week dear girl celebrated her birthday with friends but first she celebrated with the other birthday kid....

.... dear boy.....
playing a his basement...
wearing MY old Brue Springsteen
teeshirt!:) Good times!!
Hope you two had a Happy Birthday!! xoxo

Oh, and there is
going to be a giveaway
Quiltdad's blog....
and I'm donating
something.....stay tuned!;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fabric and Dirt

Been busy. Wanted to get my April swaps done since it's time to work out in the yard. But it's so hard to stay away from the sewing machine...and even harder to mail these puppies....but I did!:)

This mini rainbow ticker tape quilt went to Missouri...this was for the STUD (Swap Til You Drop) Swap. The theme this month was "Hip to be (not) Square" couldn't be square or rectangular. I think this fits the bill!

This wee mini coin quilt went to Texas...and eight of the 3.5" camping theme squares to various places around the world for the Mini QT Swap. The tree fabric is from Spoonflower. Love it!:) So now I can concentrate on Round 6 at ORBC....Hexagons!!:)
I started a few tomato seeds for the veggie garden....these are jiffypots...they are only about 1/4" tall until you add water and presto....2" tall peat pots ready for seeding...and the plastic greenhouse....the containers you get your apples in from Costco!:)
Now they are resting nicely on the warm spot above the refrigerator and I'll put them in our south facing window as soon as they sprout!:) Hope it works!
Old garden location...only about 4-5 hours of sun now that the trees are getting so big. This is looking north.

New garden location...plenty of viewed from Fairyland before the sassafras leaves come out to hide it. This is looking south...old garden on other side of the house.
Whitebud and fading forsythia.

Fern unfurling.
Bleeding Heart loveliness.


Friday, April 9, 2010

For my Verbosity...I'm a Winner!:)

Hahahaaa.....Back in December, Scott from Blue Nickel Studios celebrated his 200th post with a very nice giveaway....and all he asked in return was what we thought of when we heard the words "bungalow" and "cottage".....well....I spewed a bit!:) I won the prize for "verbosity"....go figure!;o So in the spirit of my verbage Scott was very generous with my prize...and do you see something in the upper left hand corner....see's blue....yes, a blue nickel....very witty Scott!;) If you are bored...and I'm sure you aren' is a link to the winning wordiness. There were 7 winners...I think he just felt sorry for me! Mine is comment 61 of 79 so just go from the bottom up.

Changing the subject...thought you might like to see the loveiness I pass at this time of the year while driving to and from work. Bluebells....thousands of them. This is one time of the year I don't mind waiting 5 cycles of the light to get home!

And here is the back of my mini coin quilt for the Mini QT is heading out to Texas...I'll show you the front when it arrives at its destination.
It is about 7"x9"!;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Lovely Finish Aunt Dorothy's Quilt!

Mom's little sister is having a birthday...tomorrow. Oops. Guess this isn't going to make it to upstate NY by tomorrow. Oh well...I think she'll still be happy!

Aunt Dorothy told mom she likes purple, pink and
green and my stash was happy to oblige.
I did some wavy line quilting and backed it will some lovelies I found at Zook's.
Here is a look at the whole quilt....sashed in charcoal Kona....gotta love the is also so forgiving!
This is birthday week extravaganza....we celebrated on Sat....birthdays and Easter. Don and his mom's birthday was Monday. Sweet baby James turns 21 tomorrow and My Maria turns 23 on Friday! Phew!! She'll be going down to Richmond to celebrate with her the reflection in that gazing ball I already celebrated....too much!;)
This view goes on's at the in-laws day I'll get it on a clear day...but right now it is 88.9 degrees...if I don't say 89 degrees it will feel cooler!;P
And Slate still thinks
the pillows are all
for him...maybe!:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life, Love and a Loo

Life....sometimes you don't win... .....but you do win....your Coach's love and respect....

....and your fans love you even more.
Life...three of four April them.

Life...some things don't pass can fix anything.
Life...fourth April you boy.
Life...sometimes you find it on the side of a dirt road.;)