Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Lovely Finish Aunt Dorothy's Quilt!

Mom's little sister is having a birthday...tomorrow. Oops. Guess this isn't going to make it to upstate NY by tomorrow. Oh well...I think she'll still be happy!

Aunt Dorothy told mom she likes purple, pink and
green and my stash was happy to oblige.
I did some wavy line quilting and backed it will some lovelies I found at Zook's.
Here is a look at the whole quilt....sashed in charcoal Kona....gotta love the is also so forgiving!
This is birthday week extravaganza....we celebrated on Sat....birthdays and Easter. Don and his mom's birthday was Monday. Sweet baby James turns 21 tomorrow and My Maria turns 23 on Friday! Phew!! She'll be going down to Richmond to celebrate with her the reflection in that gazing ball I already celebrated....too much!;)
This view goes on's at the in-laws day I'll get it on a clear day...but right now it is 88.9 degrees...if I don't say 89 degrees it will feel cooler!;P
And Slate still thinks
the pillows are all
for him...maybe!:)


  1. I love, love, love this quilt! You got a big old batch of birthdays so have a fun week with all that celebrating!

  2. what a fun quilt! Your Aunt will love it! I sure like that gray background!

  3. Wow! I like the back a bunch too, but not as much as I like Slate. :)

  4. Beautiful quilt!! 89 degrees! I do NOT miss that weather:)

  5. Love the quilt and the weather is running from one extreme to the other!

  6. what size is the quilt roo?

  7. 54"'s gone....I miss it!;)