Friday, April 30, 2010

Sewing and Wanderings

I finished my first Mini QT Swap 3.5"....this is the swap where you sign up for either a mini quilt (6"-12") or mini blocks, in this case 3.5" and you make one for everyone that signed up plus yourself. It is such fun getting these envelopes with wee little pieces of art in them and amazing that with just a theme, these were from March and the theme was Spring, they all go together perfectly! I wrote on the back of the quilt behind each square who made them and where they live so I will always remember. Click on this link and you can see the photo and who made each block....THANKS Ladies!!xoxo
But before I put together the mini I went for a wandering with Dena to The Old Lucketts Store (on the left) and the Beekeeper's much to little money to buy!;)
That little building on the right has a SOLD sign above it because that's where they put stuff that has sold but people weren't able to take it home right away....I want everything that is in it!!
Here's Miss Dena peeking under some white washed lovelies.
And here we are in the reflection admiring the old hats...and the room next to that has vintage clothing....OH MY!!!
Outside there are these little sheds, each filled with old goodness...boy I would love to get one of these....even though I don't think they are all old!;)
But I couldn't resist this tablecloth...they are my weakness....just look at those colors....Grey....I heart this very much!!

But I don't know what was the most fun....roaming around with Dena or when we ate lunch outside in the sunshine and I got to use my new lunchbag!! My Pal Sandie bought this for me for my birthday...which isn't until the end of next month but she just couldn't wait...and I'm glad!! I even packed an applesauce so I could use the fork/spoon combo!! Isn't it awesome?!! You Ladies are the best!
Now I'm off to work.....with my new lunchbag!;)


  1. Ohhhh! I heart that tablecloth also!!! Sounds like a wonderful, fun day. Those days stick in your memory banks, don't they?!

  2. That mini looks such a lot of fun! Looking great! and a marvellous shopping trip too! Wish I could have joined you two!

  3. love the quilt.

    aaahhhh lucketts.

    love tablecloth. must steal it.

  4. oh! and I love those chandeliers! I've always wanted one like that! The flowery ones!!

  5. I had so much fun with you and then you turned around went home and whipped up that amazing little mini with all your beautiful squares. Too cool.

  6. THis is a delayed question. Could you ask Sandie where she got the lunch box? That is not rude it is? Mother's day is coming up and if I'm to picnic with you I have to be equally as cool. I did not get to bring apple sauce. I thought a hand guided hint for the hubby. Thanks.

  7. Great to see the mini quilt! I have signed up for the 6-12" one but keep hearing about the 3.5" blocks and wondering how that works - now I know! Great idea, they look so good together. I will have to try that one next time.