Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Few Finishes With a POW!:)

Been working on a few sample items for the Shop. I wanted to show how many pincushions you could get from three pieces of the hand dyed wool we offer so I found a pattern (Buttons and Lace by the Sunflower Fields Pattern Co.) picked pink, gold and brown wool and got to work.
 A little wool felt, some perle cotton and a few buttons later I had six pincushions.  The flowerpot and five petal flower in the back were my own creations.  Love that heart tree!:) If I had cut a little more carefully I think I could have made a seventh one!
We needed a new mini to hang from the magnetic hanger at work so I played with some Collage by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics. Great colors and text prints!
Here is the POW! I was talking about...Quilt Girl, Super Hero and a Grunge background! Pattern from the book my pal Amy at Diary of a Quilter sent me...Sweet Celebrations.
Pow! Press! Wham! Rip! Bonk! Bind! Boom! Stitch! Zoom!
 Perfect combo don't you think?:)
I'll have some other finishes to share soon, until then here is a peek of the clock I'm making with the bitties I received this past May from the Bitty Block Bee.  There's a Clock Along going on at the Mini QT Swap inspired by these blocks...go check it out!:)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

UK Good Timing Part III Scotland!

Four and a half hours after getting on the train at Paddington Station we were in Edinburgh...foggy, foggy Edinburgh!  
(All blocked off for The Fringe)
 Jo told us to stand on the side of North Bridge that faces the sea to catch the bus to our B&'t see it! But I remembered which side we went to last year! Phew!
All of Edinburgh is abuzz in August with The Fringe, The International Book Festival and The Art Festival.  Too much to choose from but the girl took care of us!
(Fireworks just for us?:)
 First night was spent at Assembly Hall watching Puppet Up! which is the very grown up version of Jim Henson's fact his son was there. So Funny! 
(At our breakfast table every morning!)
Friday morning after a lovely night sleep at our B&B and the fantastic breakfast made for us by the owner Clarissa we headed out to visit Edinburgh Castle.
(Photo taken 287 steps up on the Scott Monument!)
Castle is top center.  To the left with the twin red vertical banners is Assembly Hall.  
In the center is the National Gallery. 
That afternoon we took a train to visit Jo and Jonathan, owners of Avery Homestore.  After an amazing lunch which included Jonathan's delicious homemade bread we walked around their beautiful property taking in all the work they have done planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs...and their view of the Forth Rail Bridge!!!  I can't believe we forgot to take pictures! Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon!
 After our short train ride back to Edinburgh we returned to the castle to see the 
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo!!  Attendees were from all over the world as were the performers.
 You haven't seen anything until you see hundreds of musicians and dancers and a castle all dressed up in the Union Jack!!
 For a girl who did Color Guard four years in high school and four years in College this was the ultimate thumbs up!
(stairs at Bedlam Theatre)
Saturday...after walking the 287 steps up the Scott Monument...was another puppet show this time at Bedlam Theatre and an evening comedy show at the Pleasance Dome but in the middle of the day there was....
 ....another talk and book signing with Neil Gaiman!!  This was a promotion for his new children's book Fortunately The Milk. We were able to get a advanced copy which the girl read in the queue then had signed...he drew her a stegosaurus!:)
 Sunday the family dropped me off at The Stitch Gathering (blogged here). So while I was sewing and chatting and stuffing my face they were...
 ...enjoying Glasgow!
 I think I had it harder...I mean these views out our classroom window made it so hard to concentrate!
(Castle on left....Scott Monument tallest spire on right)
 I mean....I was in the middle of a fairy tale....guess they were too!;)
 Monday morning bright and early we hopped back on the train to Stirling and toured Stirling Castle....another stone edifice up in the clouds.
 The views are spectacular.  This is The King's Knot as seen from the castle.
 Now standing on The King's Knot!:)
That afternoon while I enjoyed this lunch on Ladies Rock at the Church of the Holy Rude cemetery...
...and drew this picture...

...hubby and the girl took a bike ride...she's worried it's going to rain...just a little!:)
That evening we had curry at a great restaurant with our pals Lynz, Al and their Chookie....and once again neglected to take pictures.  We were living in the moment!:) 
Two days later we are back at Heathrow.  Dr. Who was still following us around. I really didn't take as many photos this time around...we did so much more than recorded here but I think the best time was seeing the girl and being able to visit with our UK photos necessary!:)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Good Timing in the UK Part II

Love that place!! A week wasn't enough time!!
Started out with private tour of The Story Museum...where the girl works. 
 This place is amazing...I can't properly explain it but it's like going into a fairy tale...right across the street from Oxford University's Christ Church main gate, Tom Tower!!
(One day the main entrance will look like this!)
 This is the world of J. R. R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll to name a few! The museum is as they say "in their pumpkin stage" and is only open for special occasions and workshops but if you live there go TODAY, Sept 14th is "Open Doors" in Oxford!

(In Christ Church Meadow)
 While there we were lucky to participate in a Story Museum "Wonder Walk" going through the world of the above authors.  It was one of the last walks for the summer! The girl was part of putting it all was fantastic!
(Jack and Jonno and hubby)
 We had a barbecue with her roommates and friends...a lot of meat was charred!:)
We saw  some rowing on the Thames or Isis (as they call it in Ox) with my lovely buddy
Jo and her equally lovely hubby Dennis...we used to be online buddies....but now we are just plain old friends!;) xo
Look what my buddy gave me!!  Gotta love homemade goodness. Look at that amazing embroidery on the pincushion...and the yellow rose pin!!! Awesome!
We also went to a classic car show...

 ...that little Mini would fit in the back of hubby's truck!!
 The weather was perfect for a visit to Oxford University's Harcourt Arboretum.  Have you ever seen a Monkey Puzzle tree?  Definitely not for climbing!!
 The wildflower meadow was full of color!
(Big yellow and blue bags are full of yard debris!)
We cleaned out a lot of weeds and brush in the girl's backyard and did laundry!:)
 We ate a lot...a LOT of good food!
 Visited some cool cemeteries.
 Went back to the Story Museum for a great Print Workshop.
 Those letter cases full of moveable type are antiques from Oxford University Press....where they make the Oxford Dictionary!  Mr. Nash was our very knowledgeable and interesting teacher.
 The antique presses are on loan from the Bodleian Library, it was so exciting to actually use them!  Like my paper hat?
 We topped the week off with an evening at the Oxford Playhouse for a conversation with Philip Pullman and Neil Gaiman!  The girl had her signed US 1st edition of
Ocean at the End of the Lane to be...
....resigned!:) She had Mr. Pullman sign her copy of 
Once Upon a Time in the North...good day!:)
Following day we took a train to our next adventure...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Timing Was Great!

We haven't seen her since last October...way too we went for another visit to the United Kingdom!  First couple of days were spent in London doing the girl's famous walking tour of the city's highlights.
We spent a lot of time at train, bus and tube stations but our timing was perfect!
 Great weather for walking through Hyde Park to the Palace...the girl said it's cause we were there!:)
(Foamy fountain!)
Not only did we have great did the Scots who invaded Trafalgar Square doing their version of tailgating before the big game with England.  How lucky were we to see thousands of men in kilts...or at least how lucky was I?!!:)   I will remain neutral on who won and lost!
(Tula is the one talking with her hands!:)
Timing was also on my side as dear hubby and the girl sweetly went along with me to
 The Village Haberdashery  .  You'll never guess who was there...Yes....that's 
Tula Pink chatting and sharing her time and quilts with us!  I just happened to see about her visit on their blog the day before we left for the UK.  Great timing right?:)

 Bright and early  the following morning we visited the British Library...look who greeted us, our own Uncle Sam!
 Next stop was the British Museum to view the Elgin Marbles.  Saw the back of the Rosetta Stone.  It was swarmed by tourist with their cameras and ipad recording everything they saw.  Once home looking at my photos I feel good knowing I experienced the trip more this time because there aren't as many photos to share!
 Borough Market was a feast for eyes and stomach....we shared a bratwurst, loaded salad, watermelon, cheesecake and the biggest brownie ever.  Thank goodness we shared!
After that we walked across Tower Bridge and the girl expressed a wish...she wanted to walk to the top of St. Peter's dome.....

 ...and so they did!  I say they because I made it up the first level to the Whispering Wall but didn't think I could take the cramped (claustrophobic) trek up the rest of the way so they continued without me....but my camera made the journey!
 She is having too much fun.  They said I should have come and would have been fine but I enjoyed my walk around exploring the cathedral on my own....lit a couple candles, gazed at some fantastic artwork and heard some mighty fine choral music too!

Once everyone was back on terra firma we walked across the Waterloo Bridge to experience Jubliee Park, the London Eye (from the ground) and other crazy doings.  Dr. Who is everywhere!!!

As the sun set we strolled back across the Thames River via Westminster Bridge, enjoying the glory and history all around us, we made our plans for the next day. Such a very walkable city!! No problem sleeping after all those bridges!!!

Last day in London was for a little shopping along with the sightseeing....
....Liberty of London...I had no clue at all....I thought it was just fabric...silly me!!!!!
Then to the train station .... up~ Oxford!!