Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Timing Was Great!

We haven't seen her since last October...way too we went for another visit to the United Kingdom!  First couple of days were spent in London doing the girl's famous walking tour of the city's highlights.
We spent a lot of time at train, bus and tube stations but our timing was perfect!
 Great weather for walking through Hyde Park to the Palace...the girl said it's cause we were there!:)
(Foamy fountain!)
Not only did we have great did the Scots who invaded Trafalgar Square doing their version of tailgating before the big game with England.  How lucky were we to see thousands of men in kilts...or at least how lucky was I?!!:)   I will remain neutral on who won and lost!
(Tula is the one talking with her hands!:)
Timing was also on my side as dear hubby and the girl sweetly went along with me to
 The Village Haberdashery  .  You'll never guess who was there...Yes....that's 
Tula Pink chatting and sharing her time and quilts with us!  I just happened to see about her visit on their blog the day before we left for the UK.  Great timing right?:)

 Bright and early  the following morning we visited the British Library...look who greeted us, our own Uncle Sam!
 Next stop was the British Museum to view the Elgin Marbles.  Saw the back of the Rosetta Stone.  It was swarmed by tourist with their cameras and ipad recording everything they saw.  Once home looking at my photos I feel good knowing I experienced the trip more this time because there aren't as many photos to share!
 Borough Market was a feast for eyes and stomach....we shared a bratwurst, loaded salad, watermelon, cheesecake and the biggest brownie ever.  Thank goodness we shared!
After that we walked across Tower Bridge and the girl expressed a wish...she wanted to walk to the top of St. Peter's dome.....

 ...and so they did!  I say they because I made it up the first level to the Whispering Wall but didn't think I could take the cramped (claustrophobic) trek up the rest of the way so they continued without me....but my camera made the journey!
 She is having too much fun.  They said I should have come and would have been fine but I enjoyed my walk around exploring the cathedral on my own....lit a couple candles, gazed at some fantastic artwork and heard some mighty fine choral music too!

Once everyone was back on terra firma we walked across the Waterloo Bridge to experience Jubliee Park, the London Eye (from the ground) and other crazy doings.  Dr. Who is everywhere!!!

As the sun set we strolled back across the Thames River via Westminster Bridge, enjoying the glory and history all around us, we made our plans for the next day. Such a very walkable city!! No problem sleeping after all those bridges!!!

Last day in London was for a little shopping along with the sightseeing....
....Liberty of London...I had no clue at all....I thought it was just fabric...silly me!!!!!
Then to the train station .... up~ Oxford!!



  1. What a fantastic trip. Will look forward to reading about your next instalment to my city!

  2. You definitely timed it perfectly!

  3. How awesome is that photo of your girl up St Peter's Dome? She is beautiful.

  4. How exciting! London and the UK are on my list of want to visit one day, lucky you, and a walking tour is an awesome way to explore a city. Plus a quilt shop!!

  5. You have exhausted me just reading of your walking trip around the city, you certainly manage to cram so much into such a short time, well done! Look forward to your next instalment.