Friday, October 31, 2014

4:4 of 6 fini!

I'm on a roll. Lots happening but I am finding time to get stuff done on my
Fourth quarter Finish Along 2014 list.

This quilt is extra special.  Last month one of the workers at our gym lost her mom.  I asked her if she wanted me to make a quilt out of her mom's shirts....she had already donated everything...or she thought she did!  Alas a couple of sweatshirts and a tee escaped the thrift shop bag. behinds... I can work with that!
 There was a pink Angled Frames top waiting to be finished.  Maybe it was waiting for this project?  Sure made the finish easier, especially since I didn't have a lot to work with. 
 Sashed the blocks cut out of the shirts...add a little backing yardage....
 ...done, finito, fini, finished!
Kitty behinds...Bwhahahaaaa!!:)  Hopefully this will give a little comfort!
(coworker and pal Cathy is that blur on the right!:)
In the meantime my boss is in Houston at Quilt Festival. Here is a shot of the booth. We have been cutting and bundling like crazy to get ready for this weekend. Fantastic isn't it?:)  Sure wish I could be there but the rest of us are holding down the shop!:)
If you are lucky enough to be there stop in and say dolores sent you!!:)
Can't beat a Beautyberry bush.  It just keeps on giving!:)


Thursday, October 30, 2014

4:3 of 6 finito!

Third finish in the books for the Fourth quarter Finish Along 2014.
The girl broke the zipper on this cool dress. Couldn't find the same color.
Blue looks just fine or will have to do!:)
I know there are three more finishes on my list for this quarter but just couldn't resist a stack of fabric in my stash. Any guesses?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Almost Heaven

My pal Jen's daughter entered into wedded bliss this past June.  The reception was at her pal Jen's home in Harper's Ferry, WV on a gloriously sunny afternoon.
 Paper flowers, buntings, a beautiful garden and the colors of coral and blue set the theme...
(always a kid playing with fire!) did borrowed quilts from family and friends.
 The invite was a beautiful photo of the gorgeous couple and I was inspired!
 This one was very, very hard to give away but I did and they love it!
Blogger's Quilt Festival -
I've entered this in the Art category at the Blogger's Quilt Fest.  Calling something like this art is always sort of iffy but if I could have painted it then it would be art right? So I painted with fabric!!:)
Shenandoah River....almost heaven!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

4:2 of 6 done!

Fourth Quarter finish #2.
 This little pile of bitty blocks made by all my pals at The Bitty Block Committee...
....have now become this stack of fun.
 Ready for Valentine's Day or any kind of love day on one side and...
 ...birthday party time on the other side!!
 Each flag is six inches wide so that makes the bunting a bit over 6 feet long bunt to bunt!:)
That's why I made it reversible!!!!
 Onward to 4:3.

4:1 of 6 done!

Fourth Quarter Finish Along 2014...Already???!!!
Yes dear nephew...I will take these greasy bike gear bags...
 ...and make you a work apron. 
 Helps to have some leftover ties from an old apron!
 The girl was willing to be an apron model...too cute!:)
Onward to 4:2!!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fourth Quarter Hopefuls!!

It's amazing what a little encouragement will do to inspire.
Just putting it it out there really kicks that "get it done" mojo into action!
Thanks to Katy there were almost 400 finishes last quarter!!!!!:)
Come join us for the last quarter of 2014

So now....I'm putting it out hopeful list for the last quarter!!
 When not going to his classes at Johns Hopkins our nephew works at a bike shop.  They get a lot of gear in cool canvas bags.  Aunt d...can you make me an apron? I sure will try!:)
 Worker at the gym I "try"to frequent lost her mom last month and immediately cleaned out all her clothes.  Oh...I would have made you a quilt.  She found a couple sweatshirts and tees.  
Gonna definitely get this one done! zipper is broken....ugh!
Sweet embroidery from class attended this summer at the Fat Quarterly Retreat.
I'm thinking pillow!
 Bitty Blocks from Party and Hearts themes.  First thing that came to mind was bunting.  Check out that mini bunting!!:)
All of the above are very doable....this one is going to be the biggest challenge but I'm seeing the end of the tunnel.  Forty-eight 12" blocks that needed to be appliqued....only nine more to do before assembling the top.  
I'm excited!!!!