Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fourth Quarter Hopefuls!!

It's amazing what a little encouragement will do to inspire.
Just putting it it out there really kicks that "get it done" mojo into action!
Thanks to Katy there were almost 400 finishes last quarter!!!!!:)
Come join us for the last quarter of 2014

So now....I'm putting it out hopeful list for the last quarter!!
 When not going to his classes at Johns Hopkins our nephew works at a bike shop.  They get a lot of gear in cool canvas bags.  Aunt d...can you make me an apron? I sure will try!:)
 Worker at the gym I "try"to frequent lost her mom last month and immediately cleaned out all her clothes.  Oh...I would have made you a quilt.  She found a couple sweatshirts and tees.  
Gonna definitely get this one done! zipper is broken....ugh!
Sweet embroidery from class attended this summer at the Fat Quarterly Retreat.
I'm thinking pillow!
 Bitty Blocks from Party and Hearts themes.  First thing that came to mind was bunting.  Check out that mini bunting!!:)
All of the above are very doable....this one is going to be the biggest challenge but I'm seeing the end of the tunnel.  Forty-eight 12" blocks that needed to be appliqued....only nine more to do before assembling the top.  
I'm excited!!!!



  1. So much to do, so little time. I'm still trying to finish your ORB quilt along top. That bunting would be adorable. Oh, and it's time for sewing lessons for your daughter. lol

  2. Love the idea regarding the buntin, my friend has just made a quilt for her nephew using football (or Rugby) shirts.....not something I would fancy playing with, but as its for a really good cause I have to admire you x x

  3. You've got a few things going on there! I've got to get a quilt done in the current Michael Miller MQG challenge colours - I'm working on it but getting DH into his workshop/garage/office is sucking up time (but means I can sew when I want to once he's out there rather than only being able to sew when he's not working) and knitting like a fury for my Rhinebeck trip. So many things, so (sew?) little time!

  4. I look forward to seeing your progress on these! And well done for getting Jo's embroidery finished...I'm still slowly working through mine! It's going to look fab as a cushion, that's a great idea :-)

  5. Fun to see your UFOs. Love that embroidery - so pretty! I plan to join in this Finish Along this time around. I have an Angled Frames ready to be quilted and still have my Around the Bend and Across the Pond quilt to finish - how long ago was that?! :) Hope you get all your pieces finished.