Thursday, October 16, 2014

4:2 of 6 done!

Fourth Quarter finish #2.
 This little pile of bitty blocks made by all my pals at The Bitty Block Committee...
....have now become this stack of fun.
 Ready for Valentine's Day or any kind of love day on one side and...
 ...birthday party time on the other side!!
 Each flag is six inches wide so that makes the bunting a bit over 6 feet long bunt to bunt!:)
That's why I made it reversible!!!!
 Onward to 4:3.


  1. Oh my that is such a clever use of those beautiful 'bittys. Well done on another finish

  2. Slow down woman, we're only 10 days in lol

  3. Totally cute and love how you made it reversible!

  4. You are The Closer, Dolores! You get all your bittie projects done in a very timely fashion and always with flare! Love the bunting, you done good!

  5. I love that its reversible. Some day I'll have to actually make something with my bitties. :)

  6. Hey, brilliant! I really love this pennant. :D