Friday, October 31, 2014

4:4 of 6 fini!

I'm on a roll. Lots happening but I am finding time to get stuff done on my
Fourth quarter Finish Along 2014 list.

This quilt is extra special.  Last month one of the workers at our gym lost her mom.  I asked her if she wanted me to make a quilt out of her mom's shirts....she had already donated everything...or she thought she did!  Alas a couple of sweatshirts and a tee escaped the thrift shop bag. behinds... I can work with that!
 There was a pink Angled Frames top waiting to be finished.  Maybe it was waiting for this project?  Sure made the finish easier, especially since I didn't have a lot to work with. 
 Sashed the blocks cut out of the shirts...add a little backing yardage....
 ...done, finito, fini, finished!
Kitty behinds...Bwhahahaaaa!!:)  Hopefully this will give a little comfort!
(coworker and pal Cathy is that blur on the right!:)
In the meantime my boss is in Houston at Quilt Festival. Here is a shot of the booth. We have been cutting and bundling like crazy to get ready for this weekend. Fantastic isn't it?:)  Sure wish I could be there but the rest of us are holding down the shop!:)
If you are lucky enough to be there stop in and say dolores sent you!!:)
Can't beat a Beautyberry bush.  It just keeps on giving!:)



  1. Wow you are on a roll. I love the quilt, and the teeshirt blocks are terrific.

  2. I love your quilt and your shops booth!!! Awesome!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lizzie:) I wish I could get your comments in my mailbox but I don't!!

  4. That's a great quilt!! What a clever way to use so little precious stuff. You're so nice, Dee. X

  5. Good to see you didn't make a cat's arse of the quilt ;o) Love the colours in those berries!

  6. I love you sweet woman. What a wonderful thing to do for your friend.

  7. What an amazing colour those berries are. Are they really as bright purple as they look in the photograph. Are they edible? Good idea for the quilt.