Saturday, September 14, 2013

Good Timing in the UK Part II

Love that place!! A week wasn't enough time!!
Started out with private tour of The Story Museum...where the girl works. 
 This place is amazing...I can't properly explain it but it's like going into a fairy tale...right across the street from Oxford University's Christ Church main gate, Tom Tower!!
(One day the main entrance will look like this!)
 This is the world of J. R. R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll to name a few! The museum is as they say "in their pumpkin stage" and is only open for special occasions and workshops but if you live there go TODAY, Sept 14th is "Open Doors" in Oxford!

(In Christ Church Meadow)
 While there we were lucky to participate in a Story Museum "Wonder Walk" going through the world of the above authors.  It was one of the last walks for the summer! The girl was part of putting it all was fantastic!
(Jack and Jonno and hubby)
 We had a barbecue with her roommates and friends...a lot of meat was charred!:)
We saw  some rowing on the Thames or Isis (as they call it in Ox) with my lovely buddy
Jo and her equally lovely hubby Dennis...we used to be online buddies....but now we are just plain old friends!;) xo
Look what my buddy gave me!!  Gotta love homemade goodness. Look at that amazing embroidery on the pincushion...and the yellow rose pin!!! Awesome!
We also went to a classic car show...

 ...that little Mini would fit in the back of hubby's truck!!
 The weather was perfect for a visit to Oxford University's Harcourt Arboretum.  Have you ever seen a Monkey Puzzle tree?  Definitely not for climbing!!
 The wildflower meadow was full of color!
(Big yellow and blue bags are full of yard debris!)
We cleaned out a lot of weeds and brush in the girl's backyard and did laundry!:)
 We ate a lot...a LOT of good food!
 Visited some cool cemeteries.
 Went back to the Story Museum for a great Print Workshop.
 Those letter cases full of moveable type are antiques from Oxford University Press....where they make the Oxford Dictionary!  Mr. Nash was our very knowledgeable and interesting teacher.
 The antique presses are on loan from the Bodleian Library, it was so exciting to actually use them!  Like my paper hat?
 We topped the week off with an evening at the Oxford Playhouse for a conversation with Philip Pullman and Neil Gaiman!  The girl had her signed US 1st edition of
Ocean at the End of the Lane to be...
....resigned!:) She had Mr. Pullman sign her copy of 
Once Upon a Time in the North...good day!:)
Following day we took a train to our next adventure...


  1. Ahh, of course, you would have been there for the CORC regatta weekend! I used to umpire at that :o)

  2. How exciting to be there, right there in Oxford, all the history is astounding, and your own "local tour guide" to help you experience it. I love the mini cars, they reminds me of Mr. Bean's small car.

  3. Oxford week.... great time was had by all that shared a little of it with you. We had a Monkey Puzzle Tree when we lived in S.A. and let me tell you those branches just fall off for no reason....just make sure you don't sit too long under it

  4. Love your travelogue...Your descriptions and pictures made me feel like I was along with you on the trip.....not kidding! Oh well, back to reality & the NASCAR race..LOL. Looking fwd to the Edinburgh post. see ya :~)

  5. Great photos. That story museum looks wonderful, I must go there one day! Lovely to see you all having fun, and Jo too. xx