Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pinwheeling Fun and Family

Round 5 at the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along was load of Pinwheel fun.
Used some fabric my mom gave me for Christmas...and some Kona solid...oatmeal I think.

The pieces in the back were a garden themed panel I received in a giveaway from the lovely Marguerite in Ramsgate, cool is that?:)
Thanks Pal! xoxo
Our lilacs are blooming and the smell is amazing. We aren't the only ones that like them! Tiger Swallowtail.

Last week dear girl celebrated her birthday with friends but first she celebrated with the other birthday kid....

.... dear boy.....
playing a his basement...
wearing MY old Brue Springsteen
teeshirt!:) Good times!!
Hope you two had a Happy Birthday!! xoxo

Oh, and there is
going to be a giveaway
Quiltdad's blog....
and I'm donating
something.....stay tuned!;)


  1. Love your pinwheels :) Did you mitre (?) the border? Oooh and that wee quilt *needs* to come to my house!!!!!! I will have to try my luck with Quiltdad :)

  2. I really REALLY love your pinwheels. that solid is amazing with those pretty prints. So inspiring! And I see your kids just get better looking!!!

  3. I LOVE your pinwheels! That soft colour goes so well with the pinwheels! Glad you could make use of the pannels, and happy birthday to maria and james!

  4. I love your pinwheel quilt the "Oatmeal" really sets off the lovely soft prints. You have turned into a quilting queen!!

  5. Lovely quilt! The oatmeal is perfect!

  6. That was tecnically MY Bruce shirt before it was his. One of the stipulations that he gets to keep it is that he must wear it every day. He has kept true to his word thus far.

    Pretty quilt.

  7. was mine first...I went to the concert...I bought it....then it came to you and then you graciously gave it to your brother...end of story!;)

  8. I love your grey quilt and your Quilt Dad Anniversary Giveaway is sooooo pretty.
    Have a lovely day!

  9. Hi, I came from Quilt dad, Your quilts are beautiful!

  10. here from Quilt Dad...i have been "flipping" through your posts and i absolutely love your quilts. they are such amazing color combination's. it is nice to see solids in a quilt that are not white