Friday, April 9, 2010

For my Verbosity...I'm a Winner!:)

Hahahaaa.....Back in December, Scott from Blue Nickel Studios celebrated his 200th post with a very nice giveaway....and all he asked in return was what we thought of when we heard the words "bungalow" and "cottage".....well....I spewed a bit!:) I won the prize for "verbosity"....go figure!;o So in the spirit of my verbage Scott was very generous with my prize...and do you see something in the upper left hand corner....see's blue....yes, a blue nickel....very witty Scott!;) If you are bored...and I'm sure you aren' is a link to the winning wordiness. There were 7 winners...I think he just felt sorry for me! Mine is comment 61 of 79 so just go from the bottom up.

Changing the subject...thought you might like to see the loveiness I pass at this time of the year while driving to and from work. Bluebells....thousands of them. This is one time of the year I don't mind waiting 5 cycles of the light to get home!

And here is the back of my mini coin quilt for the Mini QT is heading out to Texas...I'll show you the front when it arrives at its destination.
It is about 7"x9"!;)


  1. wow! look at the loot. Lucky you. Maybe you should be writing for a home magazine. Very descriptive. And don't forget the tree that blooms in quilt out front.

  2. Lovely cottage dream... I can see where your daughter gets her talent for writing from! Lovely package.

  3. That was eloquent, not verbose! Definitely deserving of a prize.

    The bluebells really are incredible this year, aren't they? There's a place on the C&O where they spread forever, all mixed with those little white dicentra and something else I'm too lazy to look up. Love that picture.