Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happiness on a Clothesline

This clothesline of cuties was great fun to make...the one on the right is blue batiks and the one on the left is Moda Whimsy. They are a little wobbly looking because they are fresh out of the dryer...yeah...I like to get them crinkly!!;)
The rest are scraps from my scrap pile....which is really stacking up!

Speaking of stacks check this out...stacks of Moda Puzzle Pieces, a great new basic we have at work...there are 100 different fabrics in this line in 12 different patterns...Wowser! I'm going to get some of the variegated Rainbow to put on the back of my Black and White Plus one Color mini I am making this month from the Mini QT Swap 3.5" soon as I get them all!
One more thing about work, Carly started a Facebook page for Webfabrics, and we sure are having fun with it. If you scroll down to May 4th you will see someone familiar in an apron you have seen before!;) Come visit!:) Not only are we making B&W+1color 3.5"s squares this month (and our group is 16 strong!) that is also the theme for the Mini QT quilt and to make it a bit more challenging it can't be square nor rectangular....I'm starting to miss right angles! Above is a sneak peek.
This is a photo of mini quilt central! Several of the minis are those I received in swaps and two of them, the tall Xmas one on the left and the flying geese you can just see over my stack of WIPs (there are over 27 of them!) were pieced by some online pals and I finally quilted them....see Anna and Karen...
I finally finished them!!:)
Another wee bit of news, there's a new blog called Quiltporn....I know...some may be offended...I thought it was funny...pretty catchy too. Just thought I would tell you about it because I had a couple minis featured there...check out days three and four!;) Thanks for asking Wendy!! xo

And's a something else small that I hope will grow into some large gloriously colored coleus....and here's wishing all the MOMs in our lives a most gloriously colored Mother's Day and know you are loved!;)


  1. Love all the yummies on the washingline! We are having quiltp.... uh... quiltyuminness.... right here on this blog allready! Yumm yumm....

  2. WHERE do you find the time, woman? I'm not even blogging just now coz I just have NO time (or the energy, to be honest) and it's not because I'm sewing loads, either! I love your range of quilts - the white and blue in particular is lovely!!!

    (and I say "BRING ON THE PORN!!" but ya knew I would, eh? *grins*)

  3. Dolores, thank you for the mention. Your quilts are SO beautiful that i just HAD to feature you two days in a row! Plus, i had too many to choose from on your photostream; i couldn't pick just one...

  4. And, sorry. Yes, i AM a day behind, thank you for noticing. =-)
    I love all the quilts hanging in the sunshine.

  5. My goodness, what a nice range of pretties on your line! (and you have a line! We love our washing line...)
    And it is very green there now - heh - not too long ago you were snowed in 8-}

  6. Love all your little quilts on the line, especially the green one. I will check out the quiltporn blog, I think it's a great title!