Monday, May 24, 2010

Mile Post 9 Adventures

We were at the beach last week, Kill Devil Hill, NC. Don had to put a new kitchen in a condo....and we were able to stay a few more days.
Here's the kitchen he had to replace...some of the upper cabinets are already gone....the rest he tore out...and we schlepped down two flights of stairs....
...and then schlepped new cabinets!
About 75 up and downs and a day later the kitchen was in....cardboard counter tops and all!;) A granite top is on then the fun began!
This was the first day...before going up and down the stairs...when the sun was still shining...
Then the kids came and so did the rain. But everyone just went with it walking on the beach between rain showers.....going to see Ironman II and Robin Hood...having some so-so Chinese and some fabulous Mexican food....

Doing a little shopping at the local Wings where you can find everything beachy...
...including things nobody should be wearing even though she really liked it! On our last full day the sun finally came out...but it was only 67 degrees. We went to the beach anyway and it felt soooooo good....we stayed too long....not wearing suntan lotion. I'm a bad mom! We are now all pretty crispy and peeling.
On our last day we did just what Bob's sign implored us to do....
and we said good-bye to the beach.
Once home...nursing our burns...I made my STUD Swap mini. The theme for May was "Wish You Were Here" so we had to make a mini representing where we mine starts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and ends..... the beaches!;)


  1. Whoa. That kitchen is awesome. What was behind those shuttered doors that aren't there anymore?


  2. So glad you had a good break, even if some of it was work time. I love your little quilts, especially the bums on seats.

  3. Shuttered door mystery... you had me looking now foobella! If you look the shuttered doors are sticking out to the front, so that was most likely a larder cupboard or broom cupboard. In the new kitchen the wall is flat and the space the doors were is now taken by a hanging and a standing unit. (having designed my own kitchen I look at kitchens with different eyes!!)

    Talking about the kitchen. Top job!! and so fast!! Clearly a handy husband!

    And great trip too, the yellow zebra suits Maria! not for the faint hearted though... lol!

  4. I can't believe you talked Maria out of that hideous yet fantastic hoodie. I've seen it already on FB and it hasn't diminished in colour any with subsequent views!!!

    You look like Maria in that top photo, BTW. And I LOVE that mini!! What a cool idea for a swap - mine would be hills, too!!

  5. Yes, Marg is right, the door on the left was a wee pantry, no bigger than the upper and lower cupboard that is there now. It is now a perfect place for a coffemaker so guest can get their morning brew without going into the rest of the kitchen.

    I didn't talk Maria out of the hoodie...I would have gladly bought it for her...she was being very money conscientious. Sweetie!;)

  6. Your kids are adorable!! Looks like a great time, despite the trips and down the stairs.

  7. that little quiltie is so darn cute!

  8. fantastic kitchen...and i love your mini as well!