Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Days of Fun....and it's not Done!

Yesterday was my birthday but the fun started the day before....
While bundling up this new collection Wintergraphix III (I'm in love!!) my coworkers at Webfabrics called me into the back to see someone's quilt. Now this isn't unusual...luckily it happens everyday someone bringing some fabulous piece of fabric art to Show and I rushed back to see. They got me, there on the table was a lovely chocolate cake and a card...informing me they didn't get a funny card because -quote the card..."We know how easily people your age pee their pants."!!:) Man I'm lucky to be working here. These peeps are the best. And to top it off Carly posted a picture on the Webfabrics Facebook page and I got lots of love!! Thanks online peeps!! xoxo
The next morning I got the love from my family....Don bought me these amazing petunias and pink....just what I asked for! I need to make some cushion covers for my black chairs...I'm thinking pink and ORANGE! I also notice my Christmas cactus from my boy is getting ready to bloom again! Bonus!! After spending a great morning with my pal Sandie...she gave me my fabulous lunch bag last month...she couldn't wait and I'm glad...I came home to birthday banners all over the living room/kitchen and presents on the table and a card from Dena...
with a clown face down on the street...
my friends really love me!;)
It was also Dena's daugther #1's bday...
we are birthday twins!
Happy Bday Queen 1!! xoxo
After going through all my many email bday greetings...thanks Petrina....quilt book has been ordered from Amazon...and listening to my parents and my in-laws sing Happy Birthday on the phone and enjoying a bday phone call from my boy, Maria and I ran a few errands and rented a movie for our evening's entertainment.....Zombieland! Guess Dena's card was quite appropriate!
When Don got home from work I opened my other gifts....a fold-up pruner from Don, wickedly sharp, a bundle of Frolic, an ice cream cake and a homemade card from Maria!! Then Zombieland!
The fun didn't stop there....this morning my pal Sally gave me this wonderful book "....And Wisdom Comes Quietly" a collection of sayings to quiet the soul and appreciate the simple things. I'm not really a poem/sayings book person but I did sit down and start reading it and I have to say it spoke to I'll be sharing some nuggets of peace with you all now and is my first pick...
"We need time to dream,
time to remember,
and time to reach the infinite.
Time to be.
Gladys Taber
Tomorrow, birthday dinner with my in-laws.
This weekend, birthday visiting with my family down south.
I am blest!


  1. Happy, happy, happy birthday!! Sounds like you're having tons o' fun.

  2. Happy (belated) birthday! May there be many more! And what excellent presents :-)

  3. What a wonderful time with friends and family. I love your patio!! I can just imagine hanging out there and relaxing. Glad you had a great birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Just read it and hope you have an extended happy time by now!! Yeeha!!

  5. Happy Birthday - what a great bunch of celebrations for you - have a wonderful year!!

  6. Thanks all....this has been a great birthday...WEEK!:) Bodes well for the rest of the year...I'm taking all this happiness and running with it!! xoxo

  7. Well, happy birthday!!! Sounds like it was a great one :)