Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Christmas in June

I haven't really felt like working out in the sewing machine is keeping me occupied. But the other day I realized that one reason is our yard has finally reached what could be called the Mature stage...only needing a bit of mulching and weeding.
I mean there is still a lot we can do to make it look better but nothing is pressing and there is so much happening out there that I don't feel the need to get many more annuals. There are a couple of pots and a hanging basket that could use a few more things but that's it.
There is this mystery plant growing all over the place. I love it but can't remember what it is called. That's santolina in the pots and lamb's ear in the foreground but for the life of me I can't remember what that variegated leaf plant is there on the is a great self-seeder ...any guesses?

Before I forget, see my great new flickr button up there on the isn't it? That's my handwriting!!:) My little Sis made it for me and if anyone is interested in having a cool button like that you can contact her (Foobella) using the link on the right under "Mia Famiglia"....which is "My Family" in Italian. Thanks bunches Sis! I love it and you!! xoxo
Back to the yard....see all those piles of grass clippings....and there were more not in the photo....
10,000 steps later they were in and around the garden and other places around the house. Grass clippings are such a great weed suppressor and FREE!:) Hubby made that great new compost bin on the right using old pallets. Our tomato plants are soooooo tiny you can't even see them, but they are there. That's what we get for starting them from May!:)
Took this photo at 6pm and the shade is just starting, this spot starts getting full sun at 8:30am....over nine hours....yeeehaaa...hopefully that will jump start those tomato plants, that and yummy compost!:)
See these two trees, two of about ten on our three acres...
...they are Mulberry trees and they are covered in fruit!
Yum! Too bad it is raining today!
Christmas Cactus blooming in June.....Thanks boy!
There is great happiness in not wanting,
in not being something,
in not going somewhere.



  1. Ahhhh .... What beautiful pics! I feel relaxed just looking at them. Looks like you got a little piece of paradise in your back yard.

  2. Looks like you got a BIG piece of paradise! I'd dearly love a big garden (and a lottery win so I have the time garden properly in it!) but alas, make do with my postage stamp. You have some lovely plants.