Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonky Angles

I finished my 6th round quilt for the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along....Hexagons...so much freakin' fun!!
I decided to make this one a wall hanging and didn't really have enough to make it big enough so I thought I would have fun with empty spaces....and wonky angles.
I say wonky angles because this was the first time I ever did inner angles. Those came out great...it was the outer corners that are a wee bit pointer than they should be but Nancy at work told me what to do the next time I attempt obtuse angles...follow that angle...so you don't get too much fabric to tuck under.
I really wanted that fabric with the black dots for the binding but it was one of the outer hexies....so I used the feather fabric to bind around that one while using the one I wanted for all the rest. I love how it came out. I think this is going over our couch.
I also finished a Crazy Nine Patch top using a Frolic bundle that Maria gave me for my birthday. She went shopping at the shop and the ladies helped her out...thanks! I used some brown Dimples for that dark frame and I plan on using the same thing for the binding.
This is going on the back. I got it from Urban Outfitters....the background is a little lighter than it should be but who cares...it's the back... you won't see it with the front and the rest of the colors match perfectly...I like it!;)
I did a little shopping at work today...all from the sale section....but I really need to stop!:)


  1. Oh Im happy to see your finished hexagons. I was worried about binding those inner angles. Great job!

  2. congrats on finishing your hex quilt!! i love it!

  3. Love the finished hexie quilt! Love the solid blocks in there.. what a great effect!

    Now there's on of the (dis) I mean advantages of working in a quilt shop! I'd be forever in that sale bin... Why don't you ask your boss to donate you some of the very new lines coming in so you can make a quilt and they can borrow it for a couple of months to show in their shop?

  4. I have no idea how to do those weird angles, count on an email when I get to mine! I love the white (blue!) space, I had thought to do something similar on the back of mine. It looks great!!! And I like the feathers binding, it's nice and soft.

  5. oh so where do you work? i would love to do a poll of our groups and see how many work at quilt shops, whether online or in real life. your quilts are scrumptious, and i especially like the organic feel and colors of your hexagon quilt.

  6. oops what about tea dying the backing a wee bit? or even dying it with some tan dye??

  7. ooooh Dee! The hexie quilt is yummy!