Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's ME!;)

First of all, Happy Dad's Day to all of the Pops out there,
hope every day is dad's day!:)
Even though it is Father's Day weekend I feel like I hit the motherlode! We went to Georgetown with the in-laws, met up with sis-in-laws then we all headed out to Nando's (fabulous Portuguese/Mozambiquan Peri-Peri chicken).
But before we left for lunch my sil directed my attention to three paperbags...paperbags FULL of Vlisco VĂ©itable Hollandais Dutch Wax Prints!
I mean stuffed full to the top with folded loveiness and PILES of scraps!
She wanted to know if I could use it!!!

Oh my gosh YES I can use it!! I just sort of stood there and drooled for a while. You see, sil's hubby works for the State Department and they have spent many years living in different African countries and while there sil would quilt and swap fabrics with others.
But now her interest lay elsewhere and this stuff was just taking up space in her basement...then she thought of lucky am I? thinks maybe it is time for a giveaway...what do you all think?;)
Changing the subject while you get a tissue to wipe your drool...
Maria got a new camera... Canon SX20IS....20x optical zoom...I am jealous!
One more wee bit of eye candy....
for Nicole (Hardypartyof5)...
in the mail tomorrow...I promise! you all think I need to share and have a giveaway?:)


  1. Oh Em Gee!!! YES!!!!
    "Keep all of it, all of it" you say.
    "Give away all of it, all of it" we say!

    Because how in the WORLD would you decide?!?! It's just TOO delicious!
    Maybe you should just stare at it for awhile...


  2. ohhhhh!!! I love the eye candy! Can't wait till it comes to my mailbox!

  3. WOW, that's quite a stash! Don't bother with a giveaway.. you know my address *wink* *wink*... lol! Super camera too... fantastic!!

  4. Wow what a lucky girl!
    Hmmm... Trying to think how I would feel if I got all that loot... I think I would get a really warm lovely feeling from sharing some of it!

  5. Yes, these photos definitely are making me drool. I just love those fabrics!!! Lots and lots of them, oh my!! Maria is going to love the camera, that is the exact one that I have and it is just wonderful. It was a Christmas gift from the family to me. I love it!