Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are Just Plain Proud....

I told Maria how her brother had a bad day yesterday.
Maria loves her brother....
...and vice versa.... she was none too happy to hear about his day...
....where he was treated badly at work.... she blogged her feelings....
Maria love her brother....and vice versa....
and we are so proud!


  1. See, I'm a big sister of a little brother and I know 'zackly how she feels. It's a special relationship, only being a parent beats it in the protective stakes!

  2. Sisters rule! Mine ALWAYS have my back ....

  3. They are both fine young people and have the right attitude to life! (unlike some...)

  4. Look at those goobers. May they used to be cute. What happened?

  5. aw that is so sweet.
    his arm would look awesome done up as an embroidery!