Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lina, Dena and Me!

Lina (BahayKoobo) and Dena (ORBC Quilt-Along peeps) stopped by the shop the other day, Lina to show us some quilts and Dena to meet Lina!:) Not only did we all have a meet and greet but Lina made us these amazing wee owls!! Drooling Sooz?:) They are about 1.5" tall and as cute as can be...that's mine on the right. Lina was nice enough to email us the tutorial she used and another that shows the pattern.
Here are the sweet ladies enjoying all the color in our shop but the neatest thing was the quilts Lina brought for us to see....go to Webfabrics facebook page to enjoy the craftmanship of Lina! Thanks Ladies!!
We had another fun swap at packs of 25 five inch charms. I sewed mine in a 5x5 grid seperating each finished 22 1/2" square with grey Kona. I sewed those together in 3 sections for easier quilting through my machine. Once I am done I'll make a label that will help me always remember who gave me which set of charms. This baby is going on our bed...hopefully soon!;)
Last week Maria got a new Acer notebook to use when she goes to Oxford Brookes University next month...instead of toting around her 8lb laptop she can skip around with her 3lb Acer! She needed a case and her notebook is smaller than a laptop but bigger than a of course she asked me to make her something.
So we went looking into my pile of unfinished projects and found a tablerunner that fit the bill, sewed up the sides, added a little ribbon to close the flap and problem solved. I love it when a solution is right at my fingertips!
Last but not least I wanted to share some recent fun I had at the shop...see that huge stack of fabric....'s Kaffe Fassett's newest collection....and it is awesome! I had to cut 4 half yards and 6 fat quarters of every one of them....there are 33 bolts....and..... yard of all 33 of them for someone overseas....sure wish it were me!:)
Tomorrow I'll let you know who won the Dutch Wax Prints and scraps giveaway!!
Until then Happy 4th to all my US peeps!!:)


  1. Looks like a fun day! And ...oh... that fabric!! What a great job getting to touch it and cut it all day!

  2. That girl overseas wasn't me but sure would have liked to be!! The owls remind me of Bearpaw's crochet owls. Same principle and they are SO cute! Well done making the notebook cover and isn't it nice if your daughter wants you to make one!

  3. I would love to cut Kaffe Fasset fabric - lucky you!!

  4. That's right Marg - they are a bit like my owls, or even more cute! Love how round they are. Thanks for showing us so much stuff in this post especially all that lovely Kaffe fabric!

  5. Before I left the States, I went to a LQS and bought a yard of a lot of Kaffe/Westminster fabrics. $150 worth. Couldn't fit them all into my bike pannier (forgot I'd need two!) and had to stack them up precariously 8-)
    So did you get any ideas whilst cutting all that material (and your arm didn't drop off?).
    Love it that you just so happened to have a table runner sitting around that could become the notebook cover :-)