Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tried something new for 1st finish of 3rd quarter!

First thing I did was take it for a photo shoot on my pal's yellow glider...
 ...sure wish it was on my front porch!:)
 Gotta show you how green the garden is now...beans, potatoes and squash are happy with all the rain...tomatoes and peppers want it to be hotter. I don't!
 The new product is that thin green stripe on the border. 

It comes on a 25 yard roll.  Sew it on and when you wash it you have chenille! The little piece of cardboard was my spacer.
It's called Chenille-It Blooming Bias by my online pal Nannette.  So many ways to use it and what little kid wouldn't like a bit of fluff on their quilt along with a flannel backing?!:)
 Love running my fingers over it. Some pink needs to come home with me for the other baby quilt! Guess I should have unfolded it sooner to get out the wrinkles!
My buddy Sandie sent me home with another embroidery goodie....she spoils me so!:)
Thanks pal!! xoxo


  1. Tat Chenille tape looks very interesting. Never seen that before. Will be looking for some for a child's quilt that is on the go.

  2. I thought you had added tape to your quilt and thought it added a bit of 'zing', but Chennille sound even more interesting ........bit of 'zing' and soft touch too. X x the quilt is lovely.

  3. Interesting stuff and a nice finish :-)
    Alas I have no LQS any more - I either have to go downtown or drive at least half an hour (I know, I know... but I live in a big city! There should be more quilt stores close to me).

  4. Interesting product, never seen it. It makes a nice efect on the quilt!

  5. wow that chenille stuff is amazing!! And I love the yellow glider - and your lovely quilt too!! xx

  6. I love the way this chenille tape looks. It would look great as flower stems too. Will have to see if I can find some. A great finish for sure....thanks for sharing.

    Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad