Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bored....wanna baste some hexagons?

 Picture an awesome view of the ocean right outside your breezes blowing your hair...sand between your toes and seashells starting their march up the deck stairs...
What? You are bored?!!

Actually Pops wasn't bored last September when we spent a week in Duck, North Carolina but he didn't bring a project. No problem...I did!!
 Everything you need to baste hexagons.  Interested?
 Sure...I'll give it a go.
Eighty-three years young and grinning all the way! So cute!
(Squares on the right were finished too.)
A couple days later he had them all done.  Me...only two partial flowers!
Pops asks...any more?
Why yes!
For his October birthday the postal service delivered his own quilted tray.
 My Thanksgiving present...two full bags! Guess I really need to get to stitching!
 And stitching...
 ...and stitching!
Five more to go.................
....then I have to start stitching them together!
English paper's sort of like watching succulents grow....slow and steady but I love it!:)


  1. That's a bit jammy - having someone to do your basting! But it looks like you have the lovely man hooked!

  2. Can I borrow your Pops he seems to be getting those hexes done and dusted. What a great blog, just loved reading it.

  3. We can tell he was having a lot of fun! I guess that if you teatch him how to join them he will also do a great work!

  4. How cute is he?! And your flowers look fab - epp doesn't do it for me making wise but I love how it looks!

  5. I was wondering if you were ever going to post about Dad! He was so cute! and he really enjoyed it!