Saturday, June 8, 2013

When He was eleven or twelve....

...our nephew drew this picture so he and his Granddaddy could make a box to keep his stuff contained.  Fast forward six years I found the picture while looking for a legal pad to draw an idea...and I had a different idea!!

 I made a quilt!
 I took the dimensions on the drawing and doubled them then added a border.
 My friend Linda quilted it for me then I did a little embroidery stitching his exact specifications on the box.
 Our nephew...he's a smart one.  He came in 3rd place in his catagory at the Intel World Science Fair and graduated this past Sunday...4th in his class of 409 students...
 ...going to Johns Hopkins University this Fall....on a FULL scholarship...we are very proud of him!!! Love you boy!!

On the homefront we've been having some fun too.
 Hubby installed some kitchen cabinets he took out of someone's house and put them down in a corner of our basement. We used to have a huge stack of boxes in that they have been emptied...only to be replaced by another stack of boxes awaiting the same treatment!;)
 In the opposite corner of the basement is what we call the Boy Cave!  Lumber sorted, old rugs put down, backseat bench of the old van in a corner as a couch, drumset is is the boy! 
 Look what hubby did with seven free compost bins!  Now if it would stop raining and warm up so we could get seeds in the ground! I feel like we are in the UK!;)
Time Lord
 Since it's been so rainy I've been doing some other sewing...these are blocks 2 and 3 of the Dr. Who. Along
I can't wait to see what is next!