Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Could I make something for her friends?

Yep, yep, yep!

 These little sandwich squares became...
 ...these little pointy containers and then they morphed to...
 ...these little boxes....22 of them! Used this tutorial from Seaside's great!
Then I made coasters...26 of them!
A couple of little zippy Humbug bags for some kiddos...
 ...and a runner for their mum. Included the initials "O" and "I" for her two kids. Love this line...Victorian Modern.  I think there is another project using this collection in my future!

I think this will be the project!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Come visit...The Finch...

One week ago email received from the boy "Mom....Kelsey thinks you might be interested in this place opening up in's the link."
So I investigate....YES...I am VERY interested!!
(photos taken with my phone....ugh!)
Two days later I am at a Friday Night Sew-cial with several other like-minded peeps and the very lovely and talented Nicole of said Finch Sewing Studio!!
Nicole has taken the huge open and airy, bright and cheery bottom floor of the above building and made it into a place for gathering, learning, creating, shopping and general merry making!:)
There is a huge bay window filled with inpiration....and goodies on plates....
(Nicole's head is just over the flowers!)
...a really big cutting table, sewing machines and sergers, ironing board and wheelie chairs, shelves full of fun and of course...awesome lighting!:)
This is where I sat sewing the binding on a quilt for my pal Sally's daughter who just graduated from college...You Go Emily!!:)
I can't do the place justice...go visit Nicole's website and see all the wonderful classes and camps that are being offered. If you live nearby go visit...if you don' are missing out!!;)