Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hoping for some good Karma!

This past March I was lucky enough to go to the first ever Sew South Retreat where I got to hang out with my buddy Dana of Old Red Barn Co.  Dana gave me a load of lovely presents but this one really touched my heart....
 Eighteen almost finished 12" hand pieced antique quilt blocks.  Almost because they still needed their corners.  I think she bought them at a flea market or yard sale.  Dana also gave me some turquoise and green fabric for a perfect finish!
Corners sewn....added two squares of Lark.....
 ...Voila!!  Don't you love it?!!!:) It is just awesome!
 The ladies at the shop think these may be 1940s fabrics.
 What do you think?  They are fabulous!  Some of the blocks are a bit faded but who cares?!:)
 This just makes me sooooo happy!
 But mostly I hope some good karma has happened and someone somewhere ;) is happy because the blocks are finally all together!  Thanks so much Dana!! xoxoxox
 Keeping with feel good quilting is this stack of red, white and blue which became....
 ...this patriotic cuddle!  Our shop was trying to collect 100 quilts that will be given to returning soldiers next month.  I wanted to be one of the 100.  I ended up being is one of over 135+ quilts for our troops!!!!  
A big heartfelt virtual hug to all you wonderful quilters from Virginia, Maryland, DC and across the USA (we received many by mail) bearing warmth from your loving hands.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beautiful Song for a Wonderful Museum!

Greetings all! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about something close to our hearts and our girl's heart.
Faithful readers all know the girl has been living and working these past three years in the city of  dreaming spires, Oxford, UK.
She's been working for several non profits but  
the one closest to her heart is The Story Museum, a center of children's literature and storytelling, a place of wonder and magic!  

One day the museum will be totally open to the public but in the meantime in their words, 
"The pumpkin is being 
transformed into a coach and taking us one step 
closer to the ball!"
One of the lovely interns, Nat Mahri, has written a song and the proceeds are going to the museum.
Spaces is a beautiful song and can be downloaded for whatever you wish to pay...your call! 
Go give it a listen and hear for yourself!:)
Thanks Natalie!!