Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loch Pumpkin

I forgot to mention.....see the one and only picture...doesn't that look like a Loch Ness Monster or something like that rising out of the pumpkin lake?:)

I didn't notice the creature from the gourd until I was cropping the picture! I wonder what else is out there!!


ps~thanks for all the kind words!!


  1. ok, I dig the blog and all, but have to say one thing before it gets out of hand. Tone it down on the exclamation marks.

    And yes, that is a cool picture. I still think you should give it googly eyes.

  2. Don't you listen to the little naysayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes, it does look like ol' nessie!

    "Many miles away
    Something crawls to the surface
    Of a dark Scottish loch...."

  3. Nessie!!! *giggles* It totally looks like her. And I am addicted to exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!! Heh.

  4. Hi, Deeroo! You are doing great! Keep it up.

    Love, Mom/Dad