Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Circle-Dots Giveaway Winner(s)!!

WhooooHooooooo…this has been such a fun week reading all your entertaining comments. Thanks so much! An extra big thanks to those of you who became followers….I’ll try to make it worth your time to come visit my blog!

Now for the main event…..
Drum roll please…..the 1st winner of my very first ever (and definitely not last) giveaway is…….

craftnosis said...
oooh, ahhhhh, such a lovely prize! I would love to win :)
Nov 6, 2009 6:15:00 PM

.....and continuing that drum roll, I had so much fun with the Random Generator I wanted to do it again so my second winner is......
Karen said...
Welcome to the blog world! I love those dots, and I've never used a circle cutter so I would love to try it out! I need to have a giveaway on my blog one of these days! Oh and just so you know, I'm crazyfun on flikr!
Nov 5, 2009 7:09:00 PM

Craftnosis, you win the circle cutter and polka dot fabrics (and a little surprise) and Karen, you win......

So 4th Round winning ORBC peeps….email me your address and I’ll post your winnings ASAP!

To everyone else….thanks for playing along and I am SO looking forward to seeing your 4th Round quilts!!


  1. TWO winners, aren't you sweet, Roo?! Lucky girls, too....

    This was fun, thanks for the chance to win and for showing us that pretty fabric, I am off to order some multi-dots now! Thanks again!

  2. Oh wow! I am so excited! This is amazing! I'm not often lucky, but today is my lucky day! Thanks for adding an extra giveaway. I will email my address to you. How fun.

  3. I am sooooo excited!!!! Your very first giveaway and my very first time winning a giveaway! Thank you so much - can't wait!