Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loch Pumpkin

I forgot to mention.....see the one and only picture...doesn't that look like a Loch Ness Monster or something like that rising out of the pumpkin lake?:)

I didn't notice the creature from the gourd until I was cropping the picture! I wonder what else is out there!!


ps~thanks for all the kind words!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I finally did it!

I don't know what I am doing, this blogging stuff is a new learning experience for me. I know I am going to be bugging my sister and daughter constantly asking them questions on how to do this and that and why isn't my picture coming up, etc. I apologize now!

I don't think this is going to be just about crafting. I want to be able to share things that just plain old make me happy...and there is a lot of stuff out there that family, my friends, this new quilting community I have discovered (Old Red Barn day I'll learn how to link stuff!) ...I'll just try not to be boring so you'll come back for a visit!

It's funny, the hardest part so far has been picking a name for the blog and my sister finally got it through my head that it really didn't matter, that I could change the title of my blog any time I want!! OOOOhhh, the possibilities!

So for this first post I am going to do what my kid's 5th grade teacher always told his classes when preparing for a speech or writing a paper.....Remember to KISS.....Keep It Simple Stupid!!:)

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!


PS...notice I didn't put a picture on this first blog....I don't know!:)