Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Such a Dingbat.....

....thank you Wendy for reminding me that I was going to pick TWO winners for my 1st Bloggiversary giveaway! So...Random Gen was put to work again and the lucky number this time was 8.....Rafael's Mum!! Yeah you have to pick something!;)
Here is a wee bit of eye candy, it is the Halloween/Fall runner I made for Dana. I have another pile of stuff to bind...hope to have some photos soon but I leave you with this....
"The world is round so that friendship may encircle it."
Our bloggie world sure has embraced that thought!!


  1. Yay!! Dee! I had totally forgotten there was a giveaway going on... I was just congratulating you on your milestone..! But hey, thanks nonetheless!! :-):-):-) (BIG smile!) Your stuff all totally rocks!

    I am slightly confused...I have to pick? From what? I am sure you are going to help me out of the dream. Send me an email please and help me out here!

    I'm sure whatever it is, it is going to be sublime! Thanks Friend!!

  2. Pick something from the washing line of dreams, dude!! You know, the rope with the five gajillion projects on? *tsks* I'm happy you won, though, you could use some nice stuff after this year!!!

  3. Oh so pleased for you Marg. Its good to get some good news.

  4. Yeehar for Marg!! Proper job!!

  5. Another win Marg?! Can you pick my lottery numbers for me please?! Well done!!