Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drug Rugs Anyone?:)

Wow...been a long time. I really have been busy...just that it's been all gifts that I couldn't share with you without revealing the gift before it was given! Now I can show a few things...because we did Dad's day at my in-laws last weekend AND because my dad opened his present even though I had printed right on the package to wait until Sunday!!

What do you give your dad for Dad's Day when he really doesn't need about a Drug Rug?:) Heheheh!:) I'm trying to get my parents to be a bit more more more more paper towels....sitting under their morning coffee/juice and medications!:)

(Made a bookmark out of a trimming)
Think these will help? Made these Drug (mug) rugs out of some scraps of Byzantium and some Stonehenge for the binding. I put my little label on the narrow side so they can hang them when not in use. I hope to see these in use when next we visit!
For Dad-in-law, who also doesn't need anything, I made this little catch-all bag out of some Mr. Fix-it. I put a loop on it so he could hang it from a button on the dash of his truck and put whatever he wants in it. is big enough to hold a water bottle.

This is a little six inch mini I made for a friend.


.....and this is a secret project I finally started and my first paper piecing...I'm HOOKED!!;)

There are still a few things I can't show you....yet!



  1. Love the drug rugs. Isn't paper piecing wonderful!

  2. Love the drug rugs too, LOL. that is funny, but a great point.

  3. Hello my friend!! I'm sooo behind in everything just now (including the blog reading) that I totally missed the Skull Day (I treasure my trading card!!), that righteous grad quilt (what an amazing gift giver you are!!) and Star Wars stuff!! Doh.

    Love the drug rugs (made me chuckle, too!) and reminds me I need to get my finger out and finish my Dad's pot holders before Sunday. Oooh, and your beaded cactus up there is just precious! Is that really only 6in square?!?!? What a talent, lady!

  4. WOW! there are soo-SEW many great quilty projects here...they are ALL good...but, the one that stands out for me is the black,white, lime - pinwheel...that is really cool!

    =) new follower =)