Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Have to Try This....

I mean who doesn't want to finish a lap quilt top in less than 2.5 hours?:)

Do you want to know how I took this pile of hot Wild Bunch craziness and made.....

....THIS?!!! Well I could tell you but I'll give credit where credit is pal Kerry hooked me up with this link to the Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt!! One sewing machine...some thread and scissors and voila...
... I think I should call it Jolly Rancher since it reminds me of the candy and yes....we had snow yesterday and the leaves aren't even totally off the trees!

Kerry made this beauty using Urban Couture....awesome!

Then she used a Hoffman Bali pop....cherry flavored....yummy!!

I think she has found this habit forming because a Kumo jellyroll became this lovely top! I hear she has done several more! Great job Kerry and thanks so much for sharing!

Here are a few of my 1600 variations...these are 3.5" strips. I used what we at work call the New Boyfriend flannel....oh my it's soft...this is an Xmas present for's a secret!:)

I also tried it with 20- 4.5" strips....only took an hour to cut and piece. I think the wider strips really showcase the Loulouthi fabric. I am currently hand quilting is still in two pieces right down the middle to make it a bit easier to handle. I can't wait to get it on my couch!
The whole trick to the Jellyroll 1600 is sewing the strips together like you would binding....I used the triangle trimmings from the Loulouthi to make this's hanging up in the shop!:) could do this and then cut it all up and sew it back together in some new fun mind is just reeling with possibilities...but for my next post...

...I think I'll have a giveaway! I totally forgot my 2nd year bloggieversary last Friday...oh....and I'll show you my Halloween costume or you could come by the shop and see it tomorrow!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. My, my, my, but aren't you just a fountain of knowledge and inspiration??!! What a fun idea! And I can see that I need to order some Loulouthi ;)

  2. my 'hello betty' honey bun is calling me!

  3. I don't have any Jelly Rolls, but doing it with wider strips is a go. Thanks for the great tip! I'm also trying to figure out how to find time for the ORBQ dresden, and maybe the round robin thingy. Happy Halloween Dee! xo

  4. Love the jellyroll idea. I'll definetly have to give this a try. I may even have a jellyroll around here somewhere.

  5. This is a delightful, easy quilt top. I like this as a way to use up scraps, which are growing during the night. It's quite wonderful how different they each are. Happy belated blogiversary!

  6. LOVE this idea!! I want to buy some jelly rolls and these are perfect quick quilts! Love your work as always. :)

  7. Wow, all this colour and pattern! Just stunning! I love your little mini with the triangle loulouthi too, and the way you use up every little scrap - proper patchwork!