Saturday, November 5, 2011

Journaling a Giveaway Winner!:)

Want another idea for all your scraps? How about a Journal cover?

Grab a handful of scraps (in someone's favorite colors), some interfacing and an awesome Marble Composition Notebook with GRID PAPER!!!
Stitch the scraps together...fuse on the a little accent stitching...add a couple of flaps and a piece of elastic and there you have it....

A journal cover to spark your imagination...or at least jot down notes!

This was a birthday present...I really wanted to keep it! The Waterman pen was a present from hubby many moons ago...that I DID keep!:)

Ok, ok...I know this is what you really wanted to see....the winner of my Second Year of BlogBlatherings giveaway!!:)

Random Gen picked.....

....PINKBRAIN!! I love that moniker!!:)

pinkbrain said...
Happy Blogiversary! I absolutely love that little scrap quilt you made! Those costumes are awesome. I love it when adults dress up for halloween. My favourite cookies are peanut butter cookies (straight out of the oven!).

I love adults dressing up in costume too...and I am getting ready to bake some cookies because you ALL have made me very, very hungry! Pinkbrain is going to get all the above goodies and I thank everyone very much for all your lovely comments...and drool inducing cookie ideas!:)

Now I am going to go play with some more scraps....think I have enough?:)



  1. So tell me, at what point do you label it a scrap? How small does it have to be?

  2. wooohoooo I was the lucky birthday girl to get the journal!!! and I must say that that the photo does NOT do it justice!!

    We save scraps for Dee at work...anything 3/4 inch (Width) and larger...

    Dee those bins are NOTHING...I could fill 40 of those....but then I've been at WF almost 4

    we had a busy Nancy came in from 11-3:30...cya Monday, babeeee!


  3. I like your scrappy journal cover - making more of my vintage ones is on my to do list tomorrow - but the list is way too long!! Congrats to Pink Brain!