Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Remember that Stack of Loulouthi?

It was killing me...I really wanted to play with my Loulouthi but Christmas presents (which I can't show to you) had to have my full attention. Then I caved.

...I mean come on, how could I resist and our sad looking couch was calling for some attention!

See! I mean SAD! It's bad enough that we have an ancient This Ends Up couch but I can't do anything about that so the gross old pillows and dated duvet cover had to go!

Found a two-sided coverlet with colors that compliment the Loulouthi...at least I think it does....then I headed to the sewing machine....


Really...it's kinda hard to tell from the photo but the pillows really do go with the colors on both sides of the coverlet!:) But something was missing...

...oh yeah...a new quilt!:)

Yes, so much better...I mean I'd love a new couch but that will have to wait for a new house!;) There's a new area rug too...but I have to leave a few surprises for the kids!

Now I want to play with these. I need a bigger container!
Here's a wee peek of the rug...with a new stocking for boyfriend of little sis. OK, back to sewing and cooking and baking and.....!;)



  1. LOVE all of your cushions, the couch is looking great! And what a beautiful stocking!

  2. Oooh great make over. I actually like your sofa - even more so after the make over! Love that stocking too! Great quilting on it!

  3. What a transformation, your couch looks great. Your stocking is great too, but how will be filling it. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.