Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Have to Try This....

I mean who doesn't want to finish a lap quilt top in less than 2.5 hours?:)

Do you want to know how I took this pile of hot Wild Bunch craziness and made.....

....THIS?!!! Well I could tell you but I'll give credit where credit is pal Kerry hooked me up with this link to the Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt!! One sewing machine...some thread and scissors and voila...
... I think I should call it Jolly Rancher since it reminds me of the candy and yes....we had snow yesterday and the leaves aren't even totally off the trees!

Kerry made this beauty using Urban Couture....awesome!

Then she used a Hoffman Bali pop....cherry flavored....yummy!!

I think she has found this habit forming because a Kumo jellyroll became this lovely top! I hear she has done several more! Great job Kerry and thanks so much for sharing!

Here are a few of my 1600 variations...these are 3.5" strips. I used what we at work call the New Boyfriend flannel....oh my it's soft...this is an Xmas present for's a secret!:)

I also tried it with 20- 4.5" strips....only took an hour to cut and piece. I think the wider strips really showcase the Loulouthi fabric. I am currently hand quilting is still in two pieces right down the middle to make it a bit easier to handle. I can't wait to get it on my couch!
The whole trick to the Jellyroll 1600 is sewing the strips together like you would binding....I used the triangle trimmings from the Loulouthi to make this's hanging up in the shop!:) could do this and then cut it all up and sew it back together in some new fun mind is just reeling with possibilities...but for my next post...

...I think I'll have a giveaway! I totally forgot my 2nd year bloggieversary last Friday...oh....and I'll show you my Halloween costume or you could come by the shop and see it tomorrow!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

She wants to be Coraline for Halloween....

....she has a blue wig...

...will this work?:)
And how about this for her hair?:)


Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogger's Quilt-UberFest Progress

I've done Quilt-Alongs before...that's how I started quilting a couple of years ago following Dana at Old Red Barn Quilt-Along...but I have never participated in a block-a-day kind of quilt-along....WHY THE HECK NOT?!!! They are so freaking fun!!!
I don't know what made me start this one....Blogger's Quilt-Uber-Fest....but I'm sure glad I did! A fat quarter stack of Across the Pond, lovely scraps I won from Quiltdad (gotta find out the name of the collection!), several yardage cuts of Grunge, a few brown batiks and the fun began in earnest!

Block #1- Take Flight, Block #2- Flying North

Block #3- South for the Winter, Block #4- Cabin in the Woods

Block #5- Homes, Block #6- Watch Over Me

It's fun but not as easy as I thought it would be... since I have all these coordinating fabrics I figure I could just pick a few and start cutting but you can really make a mess of it if something is too close in value...I am learning a lot....and I'm getting better at making half square triangles!

Looking at the above photo it's interesting to see that even though 1-3 were made before 4-6 the blocks above each other are so coordinated! Did that make any sense?:) I didn't do today's block so I'm going to have two blocks tomorrow but that's ok...I'm motivated!!:) Go visit the flickr group and see how much fun everyone is having...thanks Scott!!

How about these colors?:) Sigh!! Sixteen hundred inches of fun up next...I promise!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ghastlies Anyone?

Happy October! Did you know that this October has five Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays? I heard it said this only happens every 823 years....NOT! If a month has 31 days and the 1st falls on a can figure out the rest!:) All I care is this October has FIVE weekends!! WhooHOoo!:) Of course my favorite day of October is the last's a work day so I'm trying to think of a costume I can wear and cut fabric at the same time...any ideas?

In the meantime I made a ghastly bag for the didn't do a bad job...
...I made it out of The Ghastlies!:) I love this fabric, love the colors.... the characters.... the cemetery and the trees...I especially loved making this for my kiddo....she almost didn't get it because I really, really wanted to keep it!

Several pockets and a carabiner on a twill tape loop inside....please girlie...keep your eyes on this at all times!!!

This past weekend was my pal Sally's birthday...I heard she likes roosters and do I! Happy bday pal!

I swore I wouldn't sign up for anymore swaps for a while...I lied. Come and crazy quilt squares...who could resist?

Here are my door 3.5" bitties...I took artist license...I say these beads and felt look like mice...what do you think?

How about a few crazy quilted 3.5" squares? This is the first time I have tried a crazy quilt square...they really are quite fun and liberating. You should go visit the Bitty Block Committee and see the other lovelies that are going to be flying around the world! I can't wait to start getting soft mail again!

Another new project...hopefully finished by the 16th because I'm participating in the Bloggers' Quilt-UberFest which is a block a day for 16 days...go check it out!

Stay tuned for the first finished blocks and 1600 inches of least I thought it was fun!