Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm swapping with an eight year old....

....and I am so honored and thrilled!:) Especially since Max is a Star Wars fanatic like my own kids!:)

This month's theme at The Mini QT Swap was windows and doors sooooo since my partner is the very talented Max and his favorite character is Obi-Wan Kenobi I thought What did Obi-Wan fly? An email to my girl in the UK and a quick reply...."an Eta-2 Actis-class light Interceptor." Of course...why didn't I think of that?;p

So here is my version using some Stonehenge for the planet and space, some batiks, a little Fairy Frost, Dimples, felt...and clear vinyl...

...instant Jedi interceptor...well maybe not instant!:)
I made a slit in the back of the window and a pocket in the front because I wanted Max to be able to take the figures out.

I permanently "borrowed" a couple of my son's micro machine figures...these were made WAY before Max was even born and before the SW prequels...back when Polly Pockets and Micro Minis were one inch tall...before they made them bigger because they were a choking hazard!

The ion cannons were made out of shish kabob sticks colored with Sharpie...the laser fire is glow in the dark thread as is the...

...white Fairy Frost binding!:) Love that My Universe backing can just see the little slit to the left of the E in Earth. Love that seamripper too!:)

Can't just send a mini to an eight year old without some goodies and a few things for his those books aren't the boy's...I bought them especially for Max. I hear he loves the mini!;) Thank heavens!

(I put the avocado there for size reference!)

Now I'm making (trying to follow) recipes for The Turnips that Ate Virginia! Hope the relatives are ready for these on Thursday!:o


ps...I can't wait to get my mini from Max....stay tuned!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mini Quilt Challenge? You Betcha I'm There!:)

Heard about it from Dana at Old Red Barn Co.....amylouwho is having a
Modern Mini Quilt party and giveaway to celebrate the new flickr group! Giveaway...I'm in!

But mostly it's nice to have another fun place to post photos of my minis...which are mostly made from scraps...scraps from full size quilts but mostly scraps I get from work (see button over there on the right)!:)

Another great thing about minis is the chance to try out different quilting methods...

...but as you can see I am still afraid of my free motion darning foot!

Mostly straight or wavy lines for me! I really need to get over it! In the meantime hop on over to amylou's and the new flickr group and have a look at all the creativity out there....I'm inspired!:)

I can't wait to show you this...but I'm gonna have to! Ugh!;)


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Journaling a Giveaway Winner!:)

Want another idea for all your scraps? How about a Journal cover?

Grab a handful of scraps (in someone's favorite colors), some interfacing and an awesome Marble Composition Notebook with GRID PAPER!!!
Stitch the scraps together...fuse on the a little accent stitching...add a couple of flaps and a piece of elastic and there you have it....

A journal cover to spark your imagination...or at least jot down notes!

This was a birthday present...I really wanted to keep it! The Waterman pen was a present from hubby many moons ago...that I DID keep!:)

Ok, ok...I know this is what you really wanted to see....the winner of my Second Year of BlogBlatherings giveaway!!:)

Random Gen picked.....

....PINKBRAIN!! I love that moniker!!:)

pinkbrain said...
Happy Blogiversary! I absolutely love that little scrap quilt you made! Those costumes are awesome. I love it when adults dress up for halloween. My favourite cookies are peanut butter cookies (straight out of the oven!).

I love adults dressing up in costume too...and I am getting ready to bake some cookies because you ALL have made me very, very hungry! Pinkbrain is going to get all the above goodies and I thank everyone very much for all your lovely comments...and drool inducing cookie ideas!:)

Now I am going to go play with some more scraps....think I have enough?:)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A "View"...of Halloween...and a HaPpY TwO YeaRs Giveaway!

Wow....Two years of Blogging! Boy have I had fun all thanks to my online buds! My View of things has changed...there is a whole big world out there right at the tip of my keyboard! One of those world's is The Sketchbook Challenge! It has taken me back to my colored pencils and a new found love...watercolor pens! Last month's challenge theme was "View"..any kind of view. Well, I love my view of the world and happened to see it a little differently while riding with hubby in his truck.... Blue Ridge Mountain View from an awesome red truck. I love riding up high!!:) Go check out The Sketchbook Challenge...the lovely folks there are gearing up for another year of fun...thank heavens!!

Here is another view I love...the girl...standing near her UK home...with her new Ghastlies Bag and harem pants from Turkey...gotta love it!

Then there was our Halloween view... awesome is this? That's the girl's roommate in all her dinosaur ferociousness! Way to go Rose!!!

Then there is Neil Gaiman's the flesh...standing on her bed with awesome blue hair and shoes...I want blue shoes!

We had fun at the shop too...Dr. "Take two FQs and call me in the morning"Fabric, The Sleepless Quilter- complete with pjs, slippers, threads stuck all over the place and dark circles under her eyes and me...JACKie THE seamRIPPER!! Bwhahahahahaaa!!:)

Hahaha! Now this is what you really stopped in for....a giveaway! To celebrate two years of zaniness I have a huge bag of NOVELTY SCRAPS and....

....this little item that I made out of the scraps from my

Doll Quilt Swap 11 mini.
Lots of people seemed to like it so I thought this the perfect thing to show you all how happy you have made me these past couple of years!:)

This is all you have to do....I feel like making cookies...the boy is coming home next week for jury duty and I'm going to bake for him. Alas for that I'll have to take out my vegan baking cookbook but I just want to know what is YOUR favorite cookie!!:) That's it...just leave a comment with your fav cookie and on Saturday (Nov 5th) morning...whenever I wake up and get up....I'll have that old pal of ours Random Generator pick a winner!!:)

International peeps are definitely welcomed!!:)xoxo

Hope your View has been as fun as mine and thanks so much for stopping by!!