Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Week of Dec 2011...FUN!

Had a great time celebrating Christmas on the Eve with my parents and sibs.

Christmas morning drove four hours back north to in-law's....lovely day!
Then the day after Christmas we did it all over again, just the four of and was great!

Several days later took the girl to her biometrics appt. She is applying to extend her visa to the UK for two more years. Then we went walking around Old Town Alexandria...where they hang their trees!
When we returned home there was a package on the came all the way from Scotland!

Dear sweet Lynz made me an awesome yellow and grey pillow...with a pony button!! She included this amazing calendar of is already hanging above my computer...waiting for tomorrow...the first day of 2012! Thanks bunches Pal...I heart it!:)

The last thing I managed to do this year is finish The Sketchbook Challenge. I'm happy to report that I submitted something all twelve months and I'm excited that they are doing it again in 2012!

Speaking of 2012....

...this is what we are going to indulge in on the first day of the new from my brother. But for the last day of the year it's lasagna and Haagen Daz...Cherry Garcia and Half Baked Chocolate ice I think we'll drink that little bottle of Processo!!

Happy Freaking New Year Everyone!



Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy, Happy!!

Happiness is being with the ones you love....

(The trunk is a scarf I crocheted for my brother)

...Spreading a little Humbug Bag joy....

...yep, these are called Humbug Bags and I made 18 of them!

Happiness is a new Birthday Banner...made for my in-laws....

...and a clutch of chicks, a brood of hens, and a parliament of owls made for family and friends.

(Opposites Attract pattern by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts)

Happiness is a new lap quilt or two made for mom and pop...

...and new Perle cottons for quilting and embroidery....

...ah....but mostly I wish you the happiness in those eyes...really....he's happy!;)

Merry, Merry to Everyone!!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the Season!

Wow! It has been quite a busy couple of weeks and I am happy to report I am DONE! Everything is wrapped and baked! Now we are just counting the hours til Wednesday when the girl comes home for the holidays from the UK and the boy joins us next weekend. The boy gave me this Christmas cactus last year and it is give, give, giving! That's just the start of my wealth of receiving! 8 year old buddy on the west coast...sent me this amazing "Window Tree" mini for last month's Mini QT swap! Isn't it amazing! There is no end to this young man's talents and we are all the luckier to have become online buddies with him! Look at the luscious fabric he sent and that fantastic card! I have strung it on a ribbon and pinned it to the back of the mini. It is now hanging right above my nightstand so it's the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night...I dream about what is beyond the window tree!!:) THANKS MAX, I'll treasure it always!! xoxo

The bounty didn't end Scotland pal Jo (bearpaw) sent me this totally unexpected surprise! She started to teach classes at the family shop, Avery Homestore, and I often bugged her with ideas...cause I'm extremely jealous and so wish I could be there to help play! Because of my pestering this lovely personalized journal arrived at my doorstep! It is just beautiful and what's nice is after you fill the journal you can always replace it! Just look at that keyfob, yep she sent that too! The leaf is so soft I just sort of play with it while I'm driving...just kidding...but it is soft and lovely! I even saved the wrapping! Thanks so much Jo, your kindness has touched my heart! xoxo

Still having loads of fun at the sewing machine (even though the light bulb is out!) making things with scraps from work.

This mini was made with scraps from a line by Dan Bennett, very colorful. I only had a few wonky pieces so I paired them with a grey Bella solid....I really didn't notice the big circles until I took the picture! The binding is from one of the girl's dresses. Love recycling!

Here were some Blueberry Crumb Cake scraps. I meant to make this look like it was woven, should have just put that cream sashing on opposite sides of each block then alternated. Don't know what I was thinking when I put it on all four sides!

I love making stockings....this one is for the boy's girlfriend and the scarf is from something my folks gave me...I have enough cream fleece leftover to use for the cuff of future stockings. I finished sewing a bunch of other things...but I can't show you right know why!:)
Here is our tree. First time we have ever put up an artificial tree. It belongs to the girl, she used it when she was at WVU and has informed us that when she returns home from the UK for good this tree is going with her. That's fine with long as she does return!:o

Hope you all are having a great December too...can you believe it is almost 2012?


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Remember that Stack of Loulouthi?

It was killing me...I really wanted to play with my Loulouthi but Christmas presents (which I can't show to you) had to have my full attention. Then I caved.

...I mean come on, how could I resist and our sad looking couch was calling for some attention!

See! I mean SAD! It's bad enough that we have an ancient This Ends Up couch but I can't do anything about that so the gross old pillows and dated duvet cover had to go!

Found a two-sided coverlet with colors that compliment the least I think it does....then I headed to the sewing machine....

NEW PILLOWS!!'s kinda hard to tell from the photo but the pillows really do go with the colors on both sides of the coverlet!:) But something was missing...

...oh yeah...a new quilt!:)

Yes, so much better...I mean I'd love a new couch but that will have to wait for a new house!;) There's a new area rug too...but I have to leave a few surprises for the kids!

Now I want to play with these. I need a bigger container!
Here's a wee peek of the rug...with a new stocking for boyfriend of little sis. OK, back to sewing and cooking and baking and.....!;)