Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket.....Oh...That's for a Basket....

....This is a Watering Can!:) An adorable Watering Can pattern by my pal Amy at During Quiet Time! This is one talented chica...I have learned a lot and been so inspired by her work.

Can you believe she was nice enough to let me test it out....guess she knew if I...self proclaimed newbie at the paper piecing stuff....could do it then anyone could do it!:)

Yep...there are some little pieces but I only had to use my seam ripper a couple of times...same seam ripper that Amy's hubby made so at least it's a lovely thing to use!:) You should zip on over to Amy's blog and see a way better version of this cute pattern...she made a pillow too!:) You have to see how she sewed the handle on the pillow....amazing!

If you'd like to buy this awesome pattern head on over to Amy's Etsy shop ...tell her I sent you!:)

On the Hoop Up! front, I finally started on Jo's embroidery piece....I have a lot more done on it but this is a little sneak peek.'s a Zentangle pattern!:) I need to get this finished and heading to it's new home in Scotland!

I know it's March but here's what we sent the girl for Valentine's day...a pillowcase made out of the panel from the "What a World" collection. I edited this picture so you could see the front and the back...or the right and the left however you want to say it!:) I made a pillowcase because I figured the girl had enough quilts or things to put on her wall....but she wished she could hang it.

Can't win!:)



  1. Don't sell yourself short! You did an awesome job with the pattern. Thanks for being my tester :)