Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Virtual Hug

Gearing up for Thanksgiving...baking vegan pies and cookies, casseroles and crisps...there has still been time for some sewing.
 Here is a scrappy 58x46 lap quilt using all Kaffe and Company gibblets.  I love that teal Bella solid!
 I especially love that backing fabric....and using leftovers!  This was quilted by my co-worker Penny...I love that all over design...sort of like clouds but better!:)
 I haven't participated in the Bitty Block Committee for a while but this month's theme is Winter/Christmas and who can pass that up? Not me!!  So I made twelve little snow houses and twelve little snow-covered automobiles.  My sis found that little Alaska stamp and gave it to me as that's where I was born....maybe that's why I like Winter!;)
The November theme at The Sketchbook Challenge is Spice of Life....first thing I thought of was a photo I snapped the day hubby and I went to get our Fall pumpkins. No trip to Nalls Farm Market is complete without Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips and Stewart's soda!!
 There's the Kaffe quilt sitting on top of a couple things I can't show you right now and a new project behind the pile!  I'm still auditioning backgroud fabric for that quilt.
Did some non-quilt sewing too!  My wrapping paper organizer purchased 20 years ago at a school fundraiser finally fell apart....totally apart....bits and pieces saving apart.  So I pulled the hanger out, used what was left as a template and made another one....that will not fall apart!!  There are two pockets in the back and an opening all the way up the right side so I can put those decorative bags we all collect inside!
 Here is my virtual hug....from my online buddy Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts fame!  We have the truckshow in the shop for her new book Skip the Borders.  I wrapped myself in one of them....and sold three signed copies that day...not including the one I bought!:) Great book....great quilts....check it out!:)



  1. I didn't know you were born in Alaska...that's a fun fact!

  2. I also didn't know you were born in Alaska, but I suppose I don't know everything about you LOL. Those quilts look great, and to get a hug from one made by Jaybird quilt.....what a sales person you are.

  3. Love your quilt and your snow theme blocks!