Sunday, December 2, 2012

Swaps, Finishes and Thank You Dad!

Starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I mean I'll never reach the end because there's always a new project being started but at least now there aren't sixteen of them waiting to be finished!;) Here are the latest completions with a little Flickr swapping thrown in for fun!
A couple months ago my pal Mandy from Australia had a great idea...she asked me...."How would you like to swap Holiday buntings?" Well yes,  I would like to swap with you pal and what fun I had picking out fabrics!;) I used Lynz's wonderful tutorial and it all went swimmingly.
 A while back at the Bitty Block Committee we swapped Crazy 3.5" blocks.  I finally did something with them...a little extra fabric, an old belt and a new tote for me! If you click here I labeled the maker of each block.  Thanks gang...this tote is going to work with me tomorrow!!
 Now for a few finishes from the stack of sixteen.  The one on the left...batik scraps, the one in the middle, a runner made out of the leftovers from my Grinch quilt....the one on the right...
 ...finally finished the quilt I made and gave the girl....two Christmases ago!! I hand quilted the center sections of each square.  LOVE how hand quilting washes up!

The backs of the bigger quilts have some of the fabric my SIL gave me from Africa.  I keep forgetting I have that stash so when I remember I'm thrilled all over again!:)  
Of the sixteen....two are waiting to be bound and two are waiting to be quilted...twelve done! Yeah!
But today I didn't sew at we spread free mulch....out of the truck my dad just handed down to me!  Aren't you all jealous? Thanks bunches daddy!!xoxo



  1. Wow--lots of finishes! It must feel good to get those projects done! Nice truck! I drive a pick up too sometimes--when Mark has the van :)

  2. Goodness what a lot going on in your neck of the woods. I love that bag Dee, and its so nice that you managed to add names to each block.