Saturday, April 13, 2013

Over 200 Posts and Peeps!:) Let's Celebrate!!

These three celebrated last week...yep...four birthdays in four days the fourth
being my Mother-in-law's! Phew!!
1994 the girl is seven, the boy is five
But there were only two around to celebrate cause the boy is waiting til he comes home next week (Yeah!) and of course...the girl in in the UK!  Her present was too big to mail so we sent her a card with a photo of her present on the cover.
This is what she'll day!  Every square a story...the story of the girl...that flag twirling, tuba playing, story writing, BS and MA earning, traveling all over the world girl!
 But for now I can enjoy it!
My in-law's neighbors are celebrating too...the birth of their second grandkid.  Since Granddad is a large animal Vet and they raise sheep and cattle, I used Locally Grown on the front and backed it with this fabulous farm print! I love it!  They have strict instructions this quilt is to stay at their house for when the grandkids visit!;) to the BIG 200!!! I recently noticed that I have past my 200th blog post and have over 200 followers!  I'm just so thrilled about it I thought I would share....
 ...share some of the bounty I received at the Sew South Retreat!!:)
As a little thank you I pulled a few things out of that pile of goodness and added a few scraps of fabric. I'll add a couple other surprises. Leave me a comment and let me know...when you finish all your WIPs...what will be your next project?Heheheh..."when you finish all your WIPS" Bwhahahaaa!:)
I'll pick a winner next Saturday the 20th and of peeps are more than welcomed to enter!!
I have quite a few WIPs of my own including this behemoth...that's 15 yards of scrappy binding laying on top...I need about nine of it for that monster!

Thanks for visiting everyone...really...thanks!!


  1. Oh what a fabulous gift for your girl! So special and full of love and memories.

    I quilting a quilt I started last fall right now but as soon as I'm done I'm starting a quilt for my niece.

  2. Love the quilt for your daughter. So many memories for her! What do you mean - when I finish my WIP? Am I actually supposed to finish them? Oh, never thought of that. Must have a go.... :) I don't think I will ever be totally finished my WIPs because I keep starting new things...

  3. Happy birthday to all! I just was thinking, I need a baby quilt for the end of May. Hmmm....I have works in progress from 20 years ago!!

  4. Oh...and I forgot to say make sure there is a way I can get in contact with you if you're the lucky winner!:)

    This is a comment for Karen as she is still trying to figure out how to comment...she's finishing up a zig zag quilt inspired by one she saw on the Facebook page!:)

  5. Happy Birthday to all four! I love your daughter's quilt!
    I don't think I'll ever finish all my WIP's - when I finish one another magically appears!

  6. After finishing all my WIP I'd love to make some skinny jeans!

  7. love your quilts! cute grandkids . i have 24

  8. Hmmm considering how many wip's I have it may be time to move into a nursing home or an assisted living. I have so many wip's, it may take years. Your quilts that you've made are wonderful. What a perfect grandparent quilt.

  9. Lucky girl to have such a talented Mom! I'm thinking my stash might be used up before I finish all my wips ;) Don't laugh....miracles happen, you know! In the meantime, to answer your question, my next project is a quilt for my granddaughter-in-law's birthday in July.

  10. I have just discovered your blog and love your creativity. Gorgeous quilt for your daughter - so many memories :-)

    1. oh and I forgot to say - my next project once everything else is finished. Two quilts for my boys for Christmas - that should give me enough time!!

  11. I cannot think that far ahead. I finished a quilt top last weekend, one this past weekend, and one more today. So the only projects I have planned are to finish those three quilts.

  12. You're such a kidder, Mizz Dee! When I finish the three quilts I'm working on right now I plan to start my baby clothes keepsake quilt. But I said that last summer, too!

    Love Maria's quilt - she hasn't changed a bit!

  13. Happy birthday to all the four! Your daugther's quilt is gorgeous!
    On my list is a very special quilt!

  14. Congratulations Dolores!! And thank you for sharing all your lovely sew south booty! I think the next thing I will be starting (but it won't be after I've finished all my WIP, cos that's not the way it works around here!), is a commission for a new Fairytale Quilt - this time Hansel and Gretel! Also loving the look of Don with a big 'tache!!

  15. Hi All...thanks for all the lovely comments...Looks like the lucky winner is #7 and that Lynn!:)
    Lynn...I'll be emailing you to get your address and hopefully get your package in the mail next week!

  16. your such a generous lady, daughters quilt is a beauty btw