Monday, May 20, 2013

Nancy is now a Grandma.... TWINS!:)
 Yep, our birthing instructor, family friend, Godmother to our boy and former neighbor now has two more people in her life to love!:)  Ava and Ian were born to her boy Freddie and his wife Elizabeth and of course that gave me an excuse to play!:)
A few fun strips of animals, bugs and dragons, a charm pack and some yardage of Sherbet Pips, 80 different charm squares for an I Spy and three baby quilts were born!
 But didn't they just have twins? Yep...but the I Spy stays home with Grandma Nancy!!  Can you see the Star Wars charm?  There are a few Marvel characters in there too!
 Little look at the backs.
 My favorite...I can just see Grandma Nancy and her grandbabies looking at all the cool stuff around the world...and beyond!:)
I can't say No....I mean I can but this time I couldn't! This Tardis is the first of twenty blocks being designed for the Dr. Who. Along. I think you should join us!
Visited my folks last weekend...did a lot of planting and eating good food...really good food!
 Then came home and extended a bed to include this Chicago Hardy Fig tree that my parents gave me....too cute!:) We planted some basil and lemon verbena along with more lamb's ear....hopefully the powerful smells will keep the deer away!
Now I need to plant these....maybe tomorrow!


  1. What terrific quilts. Nancy is lucky on two fronts: twin grandchildren and a wonderful friend who makes her happy quilts!

  2. ooooo figs, there is nothing like a freshly picked fig! Fab little quilts. I've got my Tardis block lined up for next week. Too much to make for a special market this weekend

  3. Oh, they are such darling quilts! And one for Grandma to keep, too? You're such a good friend!

    I had my first fresh fig only a few years ago - they are SO good! But looks like you might take a while to get one from your wee baby tree! Heh heh.

  4. Oh what a sweet girl you are...not only a quilt for each babe, one for granny as well.

    Yep, this is the time of year to be planting and would love the idea of having my own fig tree.

  5. So colorful! Once again, you have done sew much with sew little :)
    Great idea to discourage the deer...probably why they won't touch my roses with the lambs ear planted beneath!

  6. Ah, I must live under a rock! A Tardis blocks and a whole bunch more Dr. Who!

    Such sweet baby quilts. My favorite kind to make these days because they are quick.

  7. Wonderful little quilts, and so nice of you to make one for Grandma, too! You've been very busy!

  8. I am strongly considering the Dr Who Along. Such tiny pieces! Maybe I'll get brave!